Project Sewn Challenge #2: Pink!

I spotted this hot pink rayon jersey at Fabricland a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t resist the colour! And doesn’t it come in perfectly handy for Project Sewn’s challenge #2: Make it Pink? Coming across that challenge was a good excuse to get this sewn up.


This was my first time sewing a garment without a pattern. I followed Liz from Cotton and Curls’ handy tutorial on making a top out of 4 rectangles. She has lots of amazing tutorials on her blog so go check it out — and enjoy the amazing mountain scenery in her photos. The fit is loose and drapey and very comfortable. I’m thinking I should get more of this fabric and make pyjamas.

I’ve just spotted a red-tailed hawk. No big deal, really, but I’m a massive bird nerd.

Making this was super easy! Cutting took about 20 minutes, and sewing/pressing/finishing no more than 90 minutes. I used two layers of fabric for the front and back, and a single layer for the sleeves, as the fabric is quite lightweight. I would’ve liked to have made the hi-lo hemline even more pronounced, but I didn’t cut the back piece long enough to do so (’cause that’s so me: measure once, cut twice where possible).

Pink top - back view

It wouldn’t stop snowing today for 4 damn seconds to take photos, so here I am in the snow acting as if I am not abso-fucking-lutely sick of winter and snow and polar vortexes and wind chills of minus seven thousand. I think I’m doing a damn fine acting job.


Added bonus for this Valentine’s challenge: I’m wearing all self-made silver jewelry, all heart-themed. I blogged about making the smaller heart ring here and about the giant heart ring here.


One thing I have discovered about my camera: it does not like hot pink. I’ve photographed bright pink on a couple of other garments (my Anika cardigan and my pink Lady Skater dress) and the colour is blown out each time. In this case, the top looks much more red in the photos than it actually is. You’ll have to trust me when I say it’s a fabulous shade of hot pink, more like magenta.


Here’s a better look at the hi-lo hemline.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the Project Sewn contestants come up with this week. I wonder if Oonaballoona can possibly top her entry last week for sheer audacity and amazingness!

6 thoughts on “Project Sewn Challenge #2: Pink!

  1. Love your top! Looks great on you,,,,and the snow. I’m with you 150%. Canadian winters are always long,,,but this year seems to be 7 winters rolled into one! First day of spring is a mere 35 days away,,and I’m crossing them off on my calendar.


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