Metallic Leather Tote Bag

I’m only two months late, ok? Remember Sewcialists had a Tribute Month back in September? To sew something inspired by another sewist? Well, back in August I saw a blogger who had made a leather tote bag based on a pattern she’d found in a book called Cloth: 30+ Beautiful Projects to Sew from Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool, and Hide by Cassandra Ellis. It was … Continue reading Metallic Leather Tote Bag

Sewing in far-away (close-by) places

Hi friends! Do you live in a remote place? (I’m open to various interpretations of the word “remote”– it’s all relative, after all.) I’m really interested to hear about the challenges you face when you don’t have fabric and pattern stores within a short trip nearby. Where I live, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, there’s an embarrassment of riches when it comes to places to purchase fabric, … Continue reading Sewing in far-away (close-by) places

Storm Coloured Clothing This Way Comes

Alright, sorry about all the ‘something wicked’ puns that have been happening on my blog lately…but I blame it all on the Literary Sewing Circle! This virtual book & sewing club just finished reading Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes and the challenge was to sew something inspired by the book. While I did read the book in its entirety, and actually gobbled it up … Continue reading Storm Coloured Clothing This Way Comes

Blackwood Cardigan and McCall’s Cross-over Top

So it seems the Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet is going into my Lay’s Potato Chip Hall of Fame, along with the Aurora Tank. (You know, betcha can’t make just one.*) I recently posted about the mustard-coloured one I made, and now there’s this one, and I’m thinking there might be one or two more in my future before I’m done with it. In a … Continue reading Blackwood Cardigan and McCall’s Cross-over Top

The Versatile Blackwood Cardigan

A little public service announcement for all book-loving sewists before I tell you about the Blackwood Cardigan: come join Melanie’s Literary Sewing Circle! We’re reading Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, discussing the book online, and sewing something inspired by the book. Hope to see you there! Are you in on the #cosycardichallenge on Instagram? Even if you don’t have an Instagram account … Continue reading The Versatile Blackwood Cardigan