Hey Vogue Knitting, I want my 5 bucks back

Have you seen the hot mess that is the Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2013 edition? I’m usually happy to buy a download of Vogue Knitting without having first eyeballed the patterns before parting with my cash — usually there are some great patterns and it’s certainly worth a few dollars. But I have three words for you about this issue (or, ok, a few phrases … Continue reading Hey Vogue Knitting, I want my 5 bucks back

Noro Magazine Spring/Summer 2013

After checking out the rather uneventful anti-Rob Ford protest at Toronto City Hall this morning, Dave and I scooted over to the Chapters bookstore at Richmond and John Streets for a little browsing. And when I say scooted, I mean we went on our groovy purple electric scooter! Dave bought a Sound on Sound magazine, and I grabbed a Noro Knitting Magazine. (Later we would … Continue reading Noro Magazine Spring/Summer 2013