Let Me Introduce Poison Betty, the Deadly Romper

Ha, I bet you haven’t heard the words ‘deadly’ and ‘romper’ in the same sentence lately. ūüėČ

I don’t make a habit of naming my clothes, but this one¬†was born with a name:¬†Poison Betty. Poison because the fabric has images of irresistible little potion/poison bottles on it, and Betty because the romper has a bit of¬†a retro-play-suit flavour to it. (Other retro names I like that come up a lot in my family’s history are Cordelia and Minerva, but Poison Cordelia and Poison Minnie just didn’t seem to have the same ring.)

New Look 6446 Romper

The fabric is quilting cotton called Apothecary in Evening Shade from FreeSpirit Fabrics. Love these potion jars, especially the ones with skull & crossbones on them.¬†I got about 1.7 yards from the end of the bolt more than a year ago and hesitated to use it because, well, I think it’s more suited to clothing for an adolescent girl. But when I received the New Look 6446 pattern, I just figured it would be fun to sew a romper with this fabric. I mean, a romper is also more suited to an adolescent girl, no? So what the hell! I actually like sewing things I may never wear if it’s something fun or weird or just inspiring. Someone will find it in an second-hand shop one day and be delighted, I’m sure.

I’m assuming this fabric is no longer available anywhere as I just found it for sale on Etsy for over $100 per yard! I’m sure I didn’t pay much more than $10 per yard. The Etsy listing claims it’s “RARE”– so¬†supply and demand, I guess! Anyway, now I can pretend I’m wearing a high end designer piece made from really expensive fabric. ūüėČ

New Look 6446 Romper

I sewed this obi-wrap-style belt to go with it from the same black broadcloth I used to line the bodice. I loosely used Mimi G’s free obi belt pattern/tutorial, but did it two-sided and encased the seams on the inside. In the photo I’ve tucked the curved top edge of the belt in so that it’s narrower, which looked better with this particular garment. Have a look at Mimi’s red pleather version which she’s wearing with a gorgeous white and black¬†striped sheath dress. I’m very tempted to copy her look to a tee, as it just looks stunning!

New Look 6446 Romper

The pattern includes variations for a dress with two lengths as well as a jumpsuit with legs that end mid-calf. I think I might try the jumpsuit (view C) at some point.

New Look 6446 Dress & Jumpsuit Line Drawing

New Look 6446 Romper

I got the placement of that right strap a little off in the back…ah well. Hello bra strap. And I made no attempt at pattern matching at the seams as I only just barely had enough fabric to eke this romper out of.

New Look 6446 Romper

Overall I had fun sewing this…the pattern is straightforward and the garment is super-cute. If I do wear it, I’ll be sure to use the bathroom before I leave the house because getting off this belt and one-piece suit is definitely a big production…could be deadly, in fact. ūüėČ

New Look 6446 Romper

I’ve added this romper to Allie J’s Social Sew¬†for June. The theme this month is Sun Dressing. Go add your sunny makes, too!


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M7099: Roomy Romper

“Romper” – there’s a word I didn’t think I’d have much use for in my adult life, but apparently they’re a thing again, so here we are. Here’s my rendering of McCall’s pattern 7099, Misses’ Romper and Jumpsuit, View A.

M7099 Romper

Look ma, no vaginas! Don’t be shocked — that’s a reference to the fact that there were vaginas all over this fabric that I didn’t notice until I got it home, draped it around myself, and looked in the mirror. It took some careful pattern placement to keep this garment PG-rated. Look below, see what I mean??


I cut a size 6, but this is a VERY roomy pattern so I had to hack down the torso quite a bit to avoid drowning in it. I ended up taking it in one inch at each side seam, and folding the front bands in half because I felt a little too covered up at the front otherwise.

M7099 romper

Surprisingly, the shorts part of it are less roomy than you’d expect. I actually would’ve preferred a little more room in the front crotch to give it a bit more fullness at the front…just a personal preference. As it was, I ended up letting out the side seams of the shorts from the pocket to the hem by about 1/2 an inch to add a bit of width.

M7099 romper

These photos were shot on the first nice/warm day of Spring here in Toronto. The sunny appearance belies the fact that it was only 13 degrees and I was actually kinda freezing.

The pattern was quite easy to make…there are no zippers to install and simple gathering is probably the most challenging technique used in it.


There’s a bit of weird pattern placement on my butt there, which I didn’t notice when I was cutting, but hey, at least there are no vajay-jays. And it’s much less weird than the woman I saw today wearing a patterned dress in which a single, dark coloured “x” was placed exactly where her — let’s use a polite euphemism here — ‘functional’ part of her rear end would be. It was a very attractive dress otherwise, but it was literally an “x”! I’m betting she forgot to check the back view in the change room before she purchased.


I’m *lovin’* the pockets on this, and I’m lovin’ the fabric, which is a fantastic lightweight 4-way stretch with great drape. This is SUPER comfy. I did a slight modification on the fronts, inspired by Sew Wrong’s post on small bust adjustments to prevent gaping on wrap dresses. Of course I didn’t do it properly, seeing as I only thought of it *after* I had cut out the pieces, so although it’s a bit of a hack it still turned out alright. I’m still going to add a snap or two to secure the fronts together. If I sewed another one of these, and I just might, I would cut the shorts an inch or two longer. But maybe I’ll try the jumpsuit version next. I’ve seen a couple of versions of the jumpsuit on Pattern Review that used ponte knit or even scuba knit, but I’m having a hard time picturing how those would be drapey enough for this design. It’s designed to be quite loose fitting so I think a fabric with body and structure would be a bit awkward.

Overall I’m delighted with how this turned out, and I’m looking forward to taking it for a stroll on my vacation in Italy this summer. And good thing the elastic waistband has a lot of stretch, because I plan on doing an awful lot of eating and drinking while I’m there!


Excuse me ma’am, there’s a little sumthn sumthn on your shirt

Notice anything unusual about this fabric? Look carefully. Or maybe not even that carefully.

Yeah, that. I think it’s supposed to look like a knot in the wood grain. Alas, it calls to mind something else entirely.

I didn’t notice this when I bought the fabric…I was just excited about the ombr√© effect and the wood grain pattern. It wasn’t until I got it home and I stood draping it around myself in front of the full length mirror that I noticed a problem. In that moment, my pattern placement was, let’s say, bang-on.


I’m bravely forging ahead regardless, making a romper using McCall’s 7099 — just placing the pattern pieces very carefully. I’ve got most of it sewn up and it should be ready for primetime after the usual hacking down by several sizes that seems to be a standard part of my sewing process. Details to come!

McCall's 7099 View A - Romper

McCall’s 7099 View A – Romper