Copper & enamel chevron necklace

Enameling Class

I can’t keep myself away from my neighbourhood jewelry studio! I’ve taken a few classes at Jewel Envy: Introductory Fabrication, Introductory Casting, Intermediate Fabrication, and recently I completed an 8-week course on enameling. I must admit, the look of enameled jewelry is not really my first choice for pieces I’d like to wear, but I just love being in the studio and learning new techniques … Continue reading Enameling Class

An Embarrassment of Blogging Riches!

I have been creating things like mad lately and have a LOT to blog about! I’m going to take some time over the coming days to craft some posts that will hopefully be interesting to read, but being windswept and interesting takes a fair bit of time and effort and in the meantime I am bursting at the seams. So here’s a quick preview of … Continue reading An Embarrassment of Blogging Riches!

Jewelry Fabrication Class: the hammered band ring

No, that doesn’t mean I was hammered while making it. Drunk knitting? No problem. Drunk metalsmithing with blowtorches and sharp tools? Definitely not. 🙂 You may have seen my posts about the wax casting classes I took at Jewel Envy. I enjoyed them so much I signed up for a jewelry fabrication workshop. Here’s the difference: in casting, we learned how to carve things like … Continue reading Jewelry Fabrication Class: the hammered band ring

Jewelry Class: casting a ring

I’ve been taking jewelry-making classes at Jewel Envy, a jewelry studio that recently opened up just around the corner from me. They bought an old house in desperate need of renovations, gutted it, and painted the whole house a vibrant shade of blue (at which point they certainly had my attention). Inside are two floors of studio space for independent jewelers/metal smiths, and some gorgeous … Continue reading Jewelry Class: casting a ring