silver clay earrings

Silver Clay Earrings

I made these earrings at a silver clay mould-making workshop I took recently. My silver clay guru Jenn Jevons taught the course, in which we learned to use moulding compound to take impressions of various textures, buttons, objects, etc. that could then be used to create something out of metal clay. These earrings are basically a copy of a brass button Jenn brought to the … Continue reading Silver Clay Earrings

Silver Clay Pendants: How I Make Them

This was my little fundraising project a couple of months ago when I was raising money for El Hogar, the organization I worked with when I brought my students to Honduras for a volunteering trip in February. They’re made of silver clay, and my wonderful friends stepped up to support the cause. My ‘customers’, or rather Facebook friends who put up with my fundraising statuses … Continue reading Silver Clay Pendants: How I Make Them

Casting class: my giant heart shaped ring

I love it! I had been searching for a ring just like this on Etsy but to no avail…so I made it myself! This was my final project for the jewelry casting class I’ve been taking at Jewel Envy here in Toronto. I posted previously about carving the wax model and the casting process. Here’s what happened in the last two classes. Below are the … Continue reading Casting class: my giant heart shaped ring