Aster Sewists Beware: Gratitude Ahead

I’ve had trouble writing posts lately. I realized today I’m feeling entirely deflated by the political climate, both here in Ontario and abroad. Once upon a time I naively thought that political processes in my part of the world could, for the most part, be conducted with reason and civility, with evidence at the heart of decision-making. How quickly that changed. Anyway, I’m not here … Continue reading Aster Sewists Beware: Gratitude Ahead

Intergalactic Planetary Zinnia Skirt

I’m not (entirely) ashamed to admit that I saw a very similar skirt on a woman at a party last year and this is a complete and unabashed copy. I figure this approach is more ethical than having waited on the street outside the party and rolled the woman for the skirt when she came out. My moral compass is functioning quite well, I’d say! … Continue reading Intergalactic Planetary Zinnia Skirt

Seamwork Aurora Tank Top: Betcha I can’t sew just one

This is the Aurora Tank Top by Seamwork (Colette). This is the first time I tried one of their patterns and I’m quite happy with it! I bought the pattern while Colette was having a sale and loved making the first one so much that I went a bit crazy and made three. This green and purple one is made of cotton jersey that I … Continue reading Seamwork Aurora Tank Top: Betcha I can’t sew just one