Not So Pretty in Pink: Lady Skater Dress #2

Pink Lady Skater Dress

I was so pleased with my blue lady skater dress (as well as somewhat annoyed at how long it took me to make it), that I thought I’d use Kitschykoo’s Lady Skater Dress pattern to make another one.
I went back to Designer Fabrics in Parkdale where I bought the bright blue jersey thinking that I might grab more of the same in yellow, but the yellow was a bit see-through. Instead I bought some lovely bright pink jersey. All I can say is what a difference fabric content makes!


The pink jersey is cotton, whereas the blue fabric is probably bamboo or rayon. I wish I could say for sure but they’re a bit laissez-faire about what the content of their fabrics are in the fashion fabric department upstairs. When you ask “do you know what this fabric is made of?”, you’re likely to get “I’m not sure” as the answer. Anyway, turns out the drape of the blue fabric is astonishingly more flattering than the drape of the pink cotton jersey — and I couldn’t even tell it was all that different by looking at it or feeling it. But the proof is in the sewing, and when this dress was stitched up (in under 4 hours, I’d like to point out!), I was fully expecting to feel like a lot of bucks like I did in the blue dress. However, blue dress = a million bucks, pink dress = maybe a hundred bucks. Disappointing.

For variety I thought I’d do the 3/4 sleeve version. I’m not terribly keen on the cuffs as the seam allowance wants to turn downward and make the seam all lumpy. I might just remove the cuffs and hem the sleeves, as they are a bit long anyway. Or maybe I just won’t do anything since I’m not sure I’m really going to wear this one very much.


Have you ever sewn the same pattern in different fabrics and found a really big difference?

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