BurdaStyle Ruched Sheath Dress

  This is my version of the Short Sleeve Sheath Dress 04/2017 #107 from BurdaStyle. But let’s talk about this fabric for a moment, shall we?!? I am LOVING. THIS. FABRIC. My camera has a hard time reproducing colours in the red-pink range accurately but it’s definitely a lovely magenta and indigo blue — two of my favourite colours. It’s a cotton-spandex-rayon blend jersey knit … Continue reading BurdaStyle Ruched Sheath Dress

Little Red Dress & Proudest Sewing Moments

I feel smokin’ hot in this BurdaStyle dress! Good thing, since it took me two years to make it. 🙂 I’ll tell you all about it below, but first, I have a request for you. Helena and I are preparing episode 5 of the Clothes Making Mavens podcast, and we want to include you in it! What was your proudest moment in sewing? Maybe you made … Continue reading Little Red Dress & Proudest Sewing Moments


Is it a Bird? Is it a Crane? No, it’s a Canard*!

*Canard: french for duck. Also means a misleading/unfounded rumour or story. Or a beautiful dress that you’ll never wear. Check out this gorge fabric. I bought it in Rome, and had my scissors into it within hours of landing back home in Toronto. When I bought it I thought those were cranes, but on closer inspection they look like ducks or geese. Canard! Ducks and … Continue reading Is it a Bird? Is it a Crane? No, it’s a Canard*!