Project Sewn Challenge #2: Pink!

I spotted this hot pink rayon jersey at Fabricland a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t resist the colour! And doesn’t it come in perfectly handy for Project Sewn’s challenge #2: Make it Pink? Coming across that challenge was a good excuse to get this sewn up.


This was my first time sewing a garment without a pattern. I followed Liz from Cotton and Curls’ handy tutorial on making a top out of 4 rectangles. She has lots of amazing tutorials on her blog so go check it out — and enjoy the amazing mountain scenery in her photos. The fit is loose and drapey and very comfortable. I’m thinking I should get more of this fabric and make pyjamas.


I’ve just spotted a red-tailed hawk. No big deal, really, but I’m a massive bird nerd.

Making this was super easy! Cutting took about 20 minutes, and sewing/pressing/finishing no more than 90 minutes. I used two layers of fabric for the front and back, and a single layer for the sleeves, as the fabric is quite lightweight. I would’ve liked to have made the hi-lo hemline even more pronounced, but I didn’t cut the back piece long enough to do so (’cause that’s so me: measure once, cut twice where possible).

Pink top - back view

It wouldn’t stop snowing today for 4 damn seconds to take photos, so here I am in the snow acting as if I am not abso-fucking-lutely sick of winter and snow and polar vortexes and wind chills of minus seven thousand. I think I’m doing a damn fine acting job.


Added bonus for this Valentine’s challenge: I’m wearing all self-made silver jewelry, all heart-themed. I blogged about making the smaller heart ring here and about the giant heart ring here.


One thing I have discovered about my camera: it does not like hot pink. I’ve photographed bright pink on a couple of other garments (my Anika cardigan and my pink Lady Skater dress) and the colour is blown out each time. In this case, the top looks much more red in the photos than it actually is. You’ll have to trust me when I say it’s a fabulous shade of hot pink, more like magenta.



Here’s a better look at the hi-lo hemline.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the Project Sewn contestants come up with this week. I wonder if Oonaballoona can possibly top her entry last week for sheer audacity and amazingness!

Project Sewn: Did Someone Say Shoes?

As a faithful follower of Lladybird’s  & OonaBalloona’s amazing sewing blogs, I caught wind last month of what sounded like a rather epic event in the sewing blog world: Project Sewn. Some of the top sewing bloggers have signed on to complete 4 sewing challenges over the course of 4 weeks, with one sewist getting booted off the island each week according to popular vote. While we ooh and aah over elite bloggers’ amazing creations, complete with amazingly straight stitching and appropriate finishing techniques, the rest of us hacks are also invited to sew along with the challenges.

First challenge: who the hell has time to plan and sew one amazing thing every WEEK? No one. But what the hell. And ok, that’s just my own personal challenge, not one of the official Project Sewn challenges. The first official challenge was the Fashion Icon Challenge: “choose a favorite fashion icon and let the inspiration for your outfit begin from there.” I must admit, I didn’t intend to play along, but I had just finished sewing this Asymmetrical Motorcycle Jacket and realized I could pretend I had made it as a tribute to my…um…fashion icon, right?? A quick Google search revealed my primary choices to be Kate Moss or James Dean so I went with James Dean, obvs. (Is there a place in sewing blogger hell for people like me?)

In any case, late-ish as it may be, I’m excited about the next two challenges:
#2: Make It Pink – from rose, fuchsia, to blush, bubblegum, or neon—think pink!
#3: “If the shoe fits” Challenge: use a favorite pair of shoes from your own closet as an inspiration for your outfit.

I recently bought some hot pink fabric for a top so challenge #2 is good motivation to get that done.

But SHUT THE FRONT DOOR — why haven’t I thought of making something based on my shoes before?? Me and shoes have a bit of a little problem, see. Let me just introduce you to some of my shoes that are excellent candidates for sewing inspiration:

Fluevog Munster Beth Shoe

Fluevog’s Munster Beth Shoe

A little Lady Miss Kier of Dee-Lite, anyone? A little retro-90s, anyone? In 1991 I had the most amazing pair of Pucci-print leggings (not ACTUAL Pucci, of course) that made me the Queen of the World. Somebody nicknamed me Dee, which may have been one of the coolest things that ever happened to me. Couldn’t afford Fluevogs back then, but these would’ve been the diamonds in my crown. I have yet to leave the house in these even though I bought them 6 months ago. I must’ve been having a bad case of nostalgia.

Cover of Dee-Lite's album Groove is in the Heart

Cover of Dee-Lite’s album Groove is in the Heart

Or, how about these sharp-intake-of-breath-producing shoes from Neosens?

Neosens shoes

Neosens’ Pinot shoes

Look at those heels. Forest fairy, anyone? Ok, tree nymph isn’t so much my style but I could see making something like this oversized lace top or this velvet dress from Burda that seem to be a bit earth-mothery.

Burda Batwing Lace Shirt from Issue 9/2013, pattern #113

Burda Batwing Lace Shirt from Issue 9/2013, pattern #113

Burda Velvet Dress from issue 9/2013, pattern #109A

Burda Velvet Dress from issue 9/2013, pattern #109A. Look! There’s even golden fairy dust sprinkled on the page! (How did that get there??)

Here are a couple more candidates:

My custom-designed snakeskin shoes from Shoes of Prey.

Strata shoes from Ciel Bleu

Strata shoes from Ciel Bleu.

For those last two pairs, this design is talking to me:

Shirt from Easy Burda, Autumn/Winter 2013, pattern 3B.

Shirt from Easy Burda, Autumn/Winter 2013, pattern 3B.

My goodness, so much inspiration! So little time! I think I’ve just blown a shoe gasket in my brain.