Sewing with the Flow and Mama Bear Joggers

When we sew garments, we’re sewing to fit our bodies. And that would be quite a bit easier if our bodies didn’t keep changing all the time, amirite?! For many women, there may be a significant change at least once a month. So Helena and I decided to discuss sewing for menstruation and menopause on our latest episode of the Clothes Making Mavens. We talk … Continue reading Sewing with the Flow and Mama Bear Joggers

K, What About This?

Still questioning the validity of satin ‘joggers’, although feeling pretty propped by all the encouraging comments on their debut post. Thanks for weighing in! Commenter Barbara J had a valid point when she wondered whether dressing them up with high heels was, y’know, a bit twee… ….so I thought I’d try styling them more casually, pairing them with a plain heather gray T-shirt and metallic … Continue reading K, What About This?

Look Who’s Wearing Hammer Pants

Alright, they’re not quite Hammer Pants per se, but these are definitely way outside of my usual trouser universe. The question is: should I wear them? I’m not sure what madness gripped my brain when I saw Burda’s “jogging pants in floral sequin fabric” and thought, “Good Idea!” — because, no. No. Nooooo. And then I saw this pretty satin fabric and thought “Jogging Pants!”, … Continue reading Look Who’s Wearing Hammer Pants