Cambria Duster

Oh hai! It’s been a while. You OK? I’m OK. I’m coming up for air after a year of online teaching, and waiting out this third wave and continued stay-at-home orders here in Toronto. The mental load is difficult these days, but this too shall pass.  I was just on Bloglovin’ scrolling through my sewing feed for the first time in *forever* and it made … Continue reading Cambria Duster

An Ilford Jacket for My Long-Suffering Husband

We have entered the “Why Are You Doing It That Way?” phase of self-isolation. You know, when you and your spouse or partner or housemate are saying things to each other like, “Are you sure the heat needs to be up that high to cook that?” or, “Why are you putting that plate on the bottom rack of the dishwasher?” or, “Shouldn’t you be using … Continue reading An Ilford Jacket for My Long-Suffering Husband

Simplicity 0315 sweatshirt in black and white sweater knit

Sweatershirt and Joan Trousers

New word: sweatershirt. Not a sweatshirt, per se, but a top that looks like a tarted up sweatshirt made with sweater knits. I’m rather pleased with this one because: I got the pattern, Simplicity 0315, from a pattern swap (=free!) I used up a small amount of awkwardly-shaped leftover black sweater knit (only a few tiny scraps leftover!) I used a ready-to-wear sweater for the … Continue reading Sweatershirt and Joan Trousers