Intergalactic Planetary Zinnia Skirt

I’m not (entirely) ashamed to admit that I saw a very similar skirt on a woman at a party last year and this is a complete and unabashed copy. I figure this approach is more ethical than having waited on the street outside the party and rolled the woman for the skirt when she came out. My moral compass is functioning quite well, I’d say! … Continue reading Intergalactic Planetary Zinnia Skirt

It’s Official: I’m a Fashionerdanista

I made this skirt as my final project for the Wearable Media courses I took at OCADU.  Wearable media refers to garments, accessories, shoes, etc.–anything you wear–that contains  Boring details! Who cares? This skirt bloody LIGHTS UP WHEN I SHAKE MY BOOTY! Check out the video demo: The skirt is a basic pencil skirt design — I grabbed one of my go-to pencil skirts from … Continue reading It’s Official: I’m a Fashionerdanista