Remember this moment

This pattern photo from the latest Butterick collection stopped me in my tracks. Now, I know that a lot of indie patterns have already been actively moving towards more inclusion with the models they choose, using a range of sizes, body types, ages, ethnicities, abilities, and gender identities. But you know we’re in the throes of positive change when one of the big commercial companies … Continue reading Remember this moment

Aster Sewists Beware: Gratitude Ahead

I’ve had trouble writing posts lately. I realized today I’m feeling entirely deflated by the political climate, both here in Ontario and abroad. Once upon a time I naively thought that political processes in my part of the world could, for the most part, be conducted with reason and civility, with evidence at the heart of decision-making. How quickly that changed. Anyway, I’m not here … Continue reading Aster Sewists Beware: Gratitude Ahead

Meeting an old friend for the first time!

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Los Angeles for a bit of a break from winter. (Although I seemed to have brought the winter along with me from Toronto — the LA newscasts were full of handwringing about how damn COLD it was there. Alas.) Anyway, one of the reasons for my trip was to hang out with Helena, … Continue reading Meeting an old friend for the first time!

We Are Better With Less

Just a friendly reminder as we enter the holiday season and the shudder-inducing, pathological consumption of “Black Friday” approaches: we don’t need all that STUFF. We’re better with less. Stuff is what created the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an unfathomably huge area of plastic waste that doesn’t biodegrade, leaches harmful chemicals into the sea, and kills marine life. The manufacturing, shipping, packaging, and discarding of … Continue reading We Are Better With Less

Sewing in far-away (close-by) places

Hi friends! Do you live in a remote place? (I’m open to various interpretations of the word “remote”– it’s all relative, after all.) I’m really interested to hear about the challenges you face when you don’t have fabric and pattern stores within a short trip nearby. Where I live, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, there’s an embarrassment of riches when it comes to places to purchase fabric, … Continue reading Sewing in far-away (close-by) places