Seamwork Aurora Tank Top: Betcha I can’t sew just one


This is the Aurora Tank Top by Seamwork (Colette). This is the first time I tried one of their patterns and I’m quite happy with it!


I bought the pattern while Colette was having a sale and loved making the first one so much that I went a bit crazy and made three. This green and purple one is made of cotton jersey that I purchased online from Mood Fabrics. It is so soft and drapey and I just love it. This is by far my favourite of the three tanks because the fabric feels so luxurious. I have no affiliation with Mood, but seriously, go buy some — you’ll love it. 🙂AuroraTank_Green_back

I love the curving hemline as well as the pleat at the back yoke. These design features plus the gathered straps at the front make this much more interesting than just a basic tank.

I finally found a use for my husband’s old T-shirt I had been hanging onto for a refashion.




Funny story about this one: as I was attaching the black yoke, I noticed my fingers were picking up dye from the fabric. I’d had this fabric in my stash forever and I couldn’t remember whether I’d pre washed it or not. (I wasn’t automatically pre washing everything as soon as I got it home when I first got back into sewing a few years ago, but I do now.) Rather than detaching the yoke and rinsing it separately with vinegar to try to remove and set the running dye — I mean, that’s what a REASONABLE person would do, right? — I tried to rinse out the black fabric while it was still attached to the cream fabric! Notice the purplish dye that seeped onto the front straps in this next pic? What a goof I am. Anyway, most of the purplish dye came out when I hand washed the whole thing a few days later, so crisis averted. I don’t know why the universe is so good to me. 😛AuroraTank_Refashion_CU

Two new Aurora Tanks? Still not enough! Must make another! You know, it’s funny, Helena from Gray All Day made a bunch of Aurora tanks one after another last summer and I remember seeing them and thinking they were cute, but not thinking they’d be something I’d sew. It wasn’t until after I bought the pattern and started sewing that I rediscovered Helena’s posts about them. Seems we are kindred spirits on the Must-Keep-Sewing-Aurora-Tanks issue. I’m betting we may have similar problems with potato chips or chocolate. 😉


This third one is made of a fairly icky polyester knit. It’s not terrible but it feels like driving a Soviet-era Lada while the green cotton jersey one is like driving a Ferrari (neither of which I have driven, I might add, so I actually have no idea if that analogy is appropriate or not. Let’s assume so, though, k?). This one seems to have turned into a pyjama top in the meantime which seems like a good use for it.


Construction Notes:

  • I cut the neckline a centimetre or two lower on the green and cream versions. Other bloggers mentioned the fairly high neckline so I just went ahead and did it. I forgot to do it on the pink version and I do find the neckline too high.
  • I cut away about 1.5 cm around the bottom of the armholes as well. If you’re planning to make this I think you’ll find this a necessary adjustment as the armholes will be quite small otherwise.
  • I added about 2 cm extra length to the hemlines.
  • I followed Helena from Gray All Day’s advice on how to attach the front straps to the yoke so that the seam is entirely enclosed inside and out. Well worth doing — no seam allowances showing on the inside or possibly peeking out the sides of the straps.
  • On the cream and pink tanks, I also enclosed the back yoke seam on the inside. I should’ve done this on the green version, but didn’t think of it. You can see the difference it makes below:

Overall I am very pleased with this pattern. It is a quick and satisfying make, and I’m delighted to have been able to repurpose an old T-shirt for one of them. Highly recommended!

Have you ever made multiple versions of a pattern one after the other? I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by for a read. 😀

19 thoughts on “Seamwork Aurora Tank Top: Betcha I can’t sew just one

  1. That’s great! My favorite is the green, but they are all nice. Good idea with hubbies t…ill have to remember that tip.
    No, I have not repeated any patterns, though that is my goal, if I could only find the perfect one, the search continues.
    I have not ordered material on line yet either… Eeeek….need to build up more courage for that one.
    Lovely makes! Well done !


  2. Hahaha! Very good! You’re like me with the Cocos, I cannot stop myself. This pattern is nice because it is tight and loose at the right places. Lovely renditions and combinations you show us, and I bet they won’t be the last ones, specially when you can get a new top with just a little bit of fabric!


    1. Yes, I agree the fit of this pattern is very flattering.
      I’ve been eyeing the Coco pattern, too…could be my next obsession. I love your turquoise one!


  3. Really a nice collection! I love the one from Mood fabric. I’m curious… are you able to wear a standard bra with these. I can’t go without.


    1. Hi Nancy. Yes, I’m wearing a regular bra in all of these pics…the straps fall nicely in the right place to cover the bra straps.


  4. How totally fun these are! I love how you placed the pattern on the first version – seriously flattering and the fabric flows so well. I need to go check out Mood – it is quite criminal how i have not been yet. All your versions are cute! Auroras forever!


    1. Thanks for the tips on how to sew the straps, Helena — your way is definitely an improvement on the pattern directions. I now know why you sewed so many of them last summer. 🙂


  5. These all look great! Good shape and interesting details 🙂 And if you can repurpose old T’s into tanktops like these, it’s a double win! I might get this pattern now 😉


    1. I think that’s why I went so crazy with it…I had all kinds of just-big-enough bits of knit fabric that worked well, so I just kept sewing. lol

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh yes. Twelve or is it thirteen dresses. A Burda pattern. I don’t remember the number. I was inspired by the Lily Linen Dress on the Tessuti website but didn’t want to download the pattern. I hacked the Burda so it came close. There will be more this summer. Dresses seem to be the only thing I want to wear in the heat. All that air conditioning from below.
    I really like your new tops. The green and purple for the colours and placement of design and the rejig of your hubby’s T-shirt. Strangely medieval.
    Re the running dye. You can get a product that will stop stop dye transfer in the wash. I think Dylon makes it. Very effective.

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