Neon Stripe Blanket and Erniebertzel PuddinPie


This cat! I can’t even.

He models my work-in-progress neon stripe blanket well, doesn’t he? He must be tuckered out after tearing holes in the sewing pattern sheets I left out on the table. This is Ernie-of-a-thousand-names, one of which is featured in the title. He’d be embarrassed if he weren’t a cat and therefore expert at not giving a shit what he’s called. Other names — much to my own surprise at choosing to admit this in public — include: Toop Toop, Tiny Chicken, T-Chook, Bagel Bum, Chicken Pot Pie, Banana Bear, Belly Goat, Smeagol Beagle, BertieBert, Stink Bug, Potato Bun, and Snoopy Loop.

Oh, and Asshat. Just because I love the word Asshat.

The blanket! I’m afraid I blatantly and shamelessly ripped the design off after seeing Julie Harrison’s post on her blog Little Woollie. My eyes DOINGGGG-ed out of my head and I channeled a desperate Captain Kirk as I whispered to myself, “Must…have….this…….blanket!”


Julie’s version is crocheted; I’m making up a knit version. I’m knitting 12 rows with Nashua Isabella yarn in Labradorite, a tweedy grey worsted weight, then doing 2 rows with one of 4 neon Madelinetosh Vintage yarns (Blue Nile, Neon Peach, Edison Bulb, and Fluoro Rose). When I’m finished I will do an i-cord edge using one of the neons. I am LOVING the mindless garter stitch knitting.

Not to be outdone by her arch-nemesis Ernie, Miss Pie photobombs the neon yarn shoot.

In case you read my earlier post about almost losing my knitting mojo before being saved by the prospect of knitting a Winter Wheat cardigan, that project is indeed in progress but on temporary hold while I get my neon stripe fix.

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