Oh, hai, sweater that I’m going to knit the shit out of

I thought it had finally happened: losing my knitting mojo. Knitterly mojo-lessness. I couldn’t get excited about starting a new knitting project. Which has been UNHEARD OF since I started knitting in 2009 — I don’t believe I have ever not had a project on the go. Is it possible I was suffering from worsted world-weariness? DPN disgruntlement? Entrelac ennui? Fair-isle Fuggettaboutit?

I even bought new yarn just before my vacation in order to make this cool Anna Sui dress (my version was going to be a sweater).

I knit most of the back piece before saying to myself, “Meh,” and putting it away. I wasn’t even tempted to work on it during the 13 hours I spent on various trains, buses, and a 9-hour flight home. Something was seriously wrong.

Truth be told, I was a little panicky. Had my knitting craze finally come to an end? Had I knit everything I was going to ever want to knit? (Lawd knows I have too. damn. many. sweaters. Even for a Canadian.) Had my knitting universe collapsed in on itself? And, most importantly, HOW ON EARTH WOULD I MAKE IT THROUGH FACULTY MEETINGS? I’m pretty sure my colleagues would put their foot down at me setting up my serger in the meeting room.

But then I saw an ad on Ravelry for the Winter Wheat pattern by Anne of Atelier Al-fa:

Stripes? Check. Asymmetry? Check. Interesting stitch patterns? Check. Even contrast piping — check. And, sock-weight yarn for a lighter, finer garment — check.

And then I saw this perfectly executed Winter Wheat project by Charlotte (Lolotte1409 on Ravelry):

And then I remembered that my amazing LYS — Romni Wools — has 20% off all yarns this month!

And then I thought, HELLS YEAH! I’m gonna knit me some Winter Wheat! (Cue finger snapping and hip gyrating)

And girlfriends, I picked up these to-die-for Madelinetosh sock yarns…

Madeline Tosh Sock yarn (left to right): Victorian Gothic, Dirty Panther, Smokestack, Composition Book Grey, and Fog.

…and BAM!!!! Knitting Mojo Restored! No more stockinette same-same! Vanished is the yarn-over yawning! I have conquered cabling commonplaceness! Is that even a word? Who cares?? Garter stitch gloom is gone!!!


Oh, and if you don’t see a finished Winter Wheat on this blog within the next 6 months, you’ll know this was just Starting A New Project Enthusiasm talking. Time will tell; so far I am half way through row 2. Wish me luck. ๐Ÿ˜‰


7 thoughts on “Oh, hai, sweater that I’m going to knit the shit out of

  1. beautiful yarns! my knitting mojo goes on and off as well… it usually starts to wane when I am about half-way into a project (I guess due to the realisation there is half-way more to go!) Winter Wheat looks like it will be an interesting project all the way, and I hope you will be able to keep your mojo through it:-)

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    1. Hello Ms Tomatoes and Jasmine! You know what it’s like…it’s easy to be super excited when you start a knitting project but seeing it through to the end is a different story. I’m worried about fit on this one. It has a very odd construction (it seems you knit the collar/back and side front as one continuous row), so it’s hard to judge as I go. I’d like it to be a little more fitted like Charlotte’s version, but that could be a pipe dream. Fitting is not my forte when it comes to knitting.

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      1. wow, I would have no idea how to adjust the fit of that pattern. I thought you can cheat with the placement of the buttons to get a better fit, but with them being placed on a border the whole width of the back/side would have to be involved… it looks like an intensive brain exercise! actually I think the temptation to reach the next color block and work with another color of yarn will be the motivation to keep going if I was knitting this pattern:-) I wish you success… it is a beautiful pattern and I think it will look great on you!


  2. That is is kinda cool! I normally don’t get excited by knitting patterns. But this one definidely looks cool rather than fussy. Might try it myself to use up the baskets full of yarns i bought when I thought I’d get into knitting. But I might leave out the stripes & just keep the funy asymmetric silhoutte.

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  3. Knitterly Mojo-less ness!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Lol!!! Girl you are a crackup!! That Madeline Tosh sock yarn looks luscious. Did you ever finish the Anna Sui? It does look quite cute. I might give it a go when I finish my tunic. ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ‘š


    1. I never did finish the Anna Sui. I realized I’m not so keen on worsted weight sweaters anymore, so I packed it in. I do love the style, though…maybe I can figure out a way to adjust the pattern for a finer yarn someday. Let me know if you try it!

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      1. I like working in finer yarns better as well. The comment I always get is that people can’t believe it was done by hand. I guess because the stitches are so small. The only thing that gets to me is that it takes longer. But the patience is definitely worth it. But I really want to try more worsted weight and bulky yarn projects now. I have not done a project straight from a pattern yet. I really want to give that a try.


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