I like you cuz you're frivolous like me.

I’ve Always Liked You

I’ve often wondered why my blog didn’t have “like” buttons in the comments section, and assumed it was because of the theme template I’d chosen. I’ve just discovered I’M AN IDIOT and THERE’S ALWAYS BEEN LIKE BUTTONS and all I needed to do was TURN THEM ON.


So now they’re on, and I’m liking away at your comments. But you should know that I have ALWAYS liked you and your comments. Only now I can say so definitively with a click of my shiny new Like Button.


I like you cuz you're frivolous like me.

8 thoughts on “I’ve Always Liked You

    1. I know, right? MAGIC! Go to the “Sharing” menu in your WordPress dashboard and scroll down to the “Comment Likes Are…” and check the box that says “on for all comments”. 😀

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  1. Never an idiot. But then, technology can make us all feel a little like, “I think I need a remedial computer class!” I always say that if I were 6 years old, none of this would be an issue 😉

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