This is the best thing I’ve sewn for a while

Ain’t it always the way? You sew a simple thing using simple fabric and it turns out killer. Nevermind all those fabulous prints and edgy designs I’m always seduced by and never end up wearing. Imma wear the shit out of this top.


This is Simplicity 1104, a Cynthia Rowley peplum tunic. (Even though I’ve sworn off buying Simplicity patterns online, I’m glad this one made it I made it into my stash before that.)

Simplicity 1104 Cynthia Rowley tunic

I made it with Ponte knit. Can I just take a minute to say how much Ponte knit ROCKS THE UNIVERSE? It is the most easy and forgiving fabric to sew, and a very flattering fabric to wear. It’s the kind of staple that should be in every sewist’s fabric stash — ready to be pulled out at a moment’s notice and sewn up fast into a satisfying piece of clothing. I mean, you don’t even have to pin this stuff together while you’re sewing. And it can be form fitting without revealing every last lump and bump underneath. PONTE KNIT FOR THE WIN!


The top features an invisible zipper in the back. For some reason I had it in my head that sewing invisible zippers was hard, but the directions in this pattern are detailed, and as long as you have an invisible zipper foot (you can buy plastic ones for a few dollars), it’s really not hard at all.


I made a couple of minor modifications: the pattern calls for a lining, which I left out; instead I just folded in the neckline and armholes and stitched them in place. The pattern also calls for binding on the bottom edge. I bought a couple different binding options but in the end I just decided to leave the bottom edge raw. Another win for Ponte knit — no fraying or curling! I also didn’t cut the neckline as deeply as indicated in the pattern, and I lengthened the bottom edge by an inch or two.


This is the perfect match for these pants I bought from Zara. I chose the pattern and the fabric specifically to go with the pants, and the outfit is definitely a winner.


Thanks for stopping by for a look!

13 thoughts on “This is the best thing I’ve sewn for a while

    1. Well thanks! Honesty, the top has magical figure-enhancing properties. It defines the waise while hiding any poochiness around the tummy. Best!


  1. Great outfit! I often buy simplicity patterns (just read your linked post!) and I’m in Australia. We never get them as cheap as I see they are at Joann’s in USA. I used to shop for them at our Aus equivalent Spotlight, And if they don’t have your size, they can’t check another store. I think they order it from America and it takes 2 or 3 months (and then the seasons have changed). We also don’t get the new releases until much later. Now I buy from when the go on sale for $2.99 and with the postage it still works out to be half what I would pay here!!!! Okay, rant over!

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    1. Yeah, it’s a bit of a pain to mail order stuff to Australia, isn’t it? Since I wrote that rant about, I discovered that I can order from instead and shipping is reasonable.

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