A Little Birdie Told Me to Sew this Top

Back for more Burda! With Birdies!

BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2015 #115A Blouse with ribbed cuffs

But first, does this happen to you?—

Yeah, no, don’t try looking at me all cute and innocent-like. You both know you were just WRESTLING each other moments before I caught you on camera. ON TOP OF MY DELICATE FABRIC AND PATTERN PIECES. With CLAWS FULLY EXTENDED.

Bad kitties!

Ok, back to the blouse. The bird fabric is a chiffon I bought at Designer Fabrics. (I know the birds-on-all-the-clothes trend has been around an awfully long time but I still catch my breath when I see bird-patterned fabric. Or real birds, for that matter; I’m a bit of a twitcher. Although not the kind who’s willing to get out of bed before 8am. So that probably disqualifies me from being an actual twitcher…phew.) The blue fabric pictured above is a light polyester crepe I used to line the top. I didn’t do a ‘proper’ lining…I just layered the outer fabric and the the lining fabric on top of each other and sewed them up like they were one piece.

BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2015 #115A Blouse with ribbed cuffs

The pattern is from BurdaStyle magazine, August 2015 issue, model #115A:

BurdaStyle Round Neck Blouse 08/2015 #115
BurdaStyle Round Neck Blouse 08/2015 #115
BurdaStyle Round Neck Blouse 08/2015 #115
BurdaStyle Round Neck Blouse 08/2015 #115

I was a little worried about the very wide-looking neckline on Burda’s model, so I extended the front, back, and sleeve pieces an extra couple of inches at the top, then after I sewed them together I just trimmed away a neckline that suited me.

BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2015 #115A Blouse with ribbed cuffs

I’m also wearing the first-ever silver clay pendant I made, featuring a bird silhouette. Seems appropriate, even if the quality of the pendant is not quite up to par now that I’ve honed my metal clay skills a little more since I made it about 18 months ago.


I totally LOVE this top! It’s super comfortable, like a sweatshirt, but of course it looks far more elegant than one, and I love the soft drape of these fabrics.

BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2015 #115A Blouse with ribbed cuffs
Yippeee! I be WEARING this shirt I MADE. Yes.

And while we’re talking about birds, this little cutie visited me back in July in my backyard. At first glance I thought she was just another sparrow, but she caught my attention by flying right towards me and I noticed she’s not the usual sparrow we see around Toronto. I gave her something to eat and she let me get close up and move all around taking her picture. Perhaps she’s an escaped pet? Maybe you know what kind of bird this is?

bird2 bird1

And I’ll leave you with one of my favourite-ever photos of me and my wild bird friends.

Throwback to 2004, when I lived in Sydney, Australia, and the rainbow lorikeets used to visit my apartment balcony regularly.
Throwback to 2004, when I lived in Sydney, Australia, and the rainbow lorikeets used to visit my apartment balcony regularly. They’ve both got beaks full of the apple I was sharing with them.

20 thoughts on “A Little Birdie Told Me to Sew this Top

  1. Nice top, it’s a lovely base colour. I don’t have feline help or otherwise. I didn’t really get into the bird fabric craze that seemed to abound a few years ago but funnily I am wearing a raglan top I made yesterday with some (looks to me like) Australian birds and flora too. I also like your clay metal necklace. Of course I recognised the lorikeets!


    1. Thanks. I do like the base colour, too, although I was unsure if it would suit me at first. Now I love it. It’s a sort of greyish-periwinkle blue. I’d love to have fabric with some Aussie birds on it. Living in Australia was what turned me into a twitcher in the first place. (Well, extremely lazy twitcher, that is.)


  2. Super cute! I really enjoy your funny, upbeat blog! ( and love it when you mention where you buy fabric in Toronto)
    Joyce 🇨🇦 ( Sudbury )


    1. Hi Joyce! Thanks for your comment. If/when you come to Toronto let me know and I’ll give you a whole list of fabric stores to check out. Have you got some good ones in Sudbury?


    1. I think you’re right that it’s some kind of finch. I couldn’t find it in any of my Ontario bird books, so that’s why I was wondering if it was someone’s escaped pet…


    1. YES! I loved that movie. I saw it in the theatre shortly after moving back to Toronto from Sydney. Made me so sad to have left my little bird friends behind. What a great film.


  3. Really? That would be so Great! My daughter, lives in TO. Leslieviile. Queen St east.
    We have absolutely nothing but fabricland here..(.by the by, my daughter has birds, two of them, and a bull dog…ha.) I am guessing my daughter is your age…you remind me of her! I’m desperate to know where to shop for nice fabric in Toronto.


  4. The leggings look fab with the top. The bird fabric really rocks my world I love the contrast between pretty girly tops and edgy bottoms. I too have helping cats (drive me bonkers!)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lovely blouse the color looks great on you and the drape is beautiful. I have two cats, they are like two year olds they sit or lay on everything like “mine!!!”. Brats!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Your not a real lining technique sounds alot like underlining I have read about on other blogs. Two pieces of fabric, same pattern piece, attached in the seam allowance and then sewed into pattern as one piece. Underlining. A real thing.


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