Dear Diary: The Diagonal Lines Dress is Decidedly Difficult

This may be one of the most epic blog posts I’ve ever written. It’s been one year since I completed this dress so I’m celebrating the anniversary by re-sharing the post. Happy to report the dress is still in one piece and getting not only worn but also lots of compliments.

Frivolous At Last

Here it is, the completed Diagonal Lines Dress. And below is an epic tale of how she came into this world.

Burda Diagonal Lines DressFebruary 28th, 2014: Come across Diagonal Lines Dress on BurdaStyle website. Lose my shit over this awesome dress. Asian-inspired! Asymmetrical! Colour-blocking! Exposed zipper! Pay for & download pattern immediately. Dance around room. Consider buying matching yellow bicycle.

Burda Diagonal Lines DressSaturday, March 1st, 12pm: Find black ponte knit in my stash. Head to my favourite fabric shop and pick up yellow, taupe, and grey ponte.

2pm: Arrive home and start cutting out yellow pieces.

2:10pm: Shout “fuck.” Realize I forgot to prewash the fabric.

2:11pm: Shout “fuck it,” and carry on cutting.

2:30pm: Realize that the pattern’s list of pieces to cut out for View B is missing a lot of information. Think, “hmmm, this dress has a lot of pieces, and some pieces need to be in different colours than…

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2 thoughts on “Dear Diary: The Diagonal Lines Dress is Decidedly Difficult

  1. Well, fuck me. I actually got a Burda video in December and, having been busy hadn’t looked at it in a while and now I realize that it is no longer available. I don’t remember being told anything about that when I paid! On the other hand, your post (which I don’t remember seeing last time around, hilarious) indicates that assholiness is part of their culture. I think I will just stay away from them from now on.


    1. Well fuck you, indeed, Ms Fragrant! (…is what Burda was thinking when they decided expiring video subscriptions was a good idea…) lol! Sorry to hear you got shafted on that one.


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