Frivolous at Last - Named Alexandria Trousers

Named Alexandria Linen Trousers

Here I am, Miss Broken Record, with my *sixth* garment made with a Named Clothing pattern! (When you like a certain pattern company, well, I guess you like a certain pattern company.) What I thought I *didn’t* like, however, was this style of trouser. These are the Alexandria Peg Trousers from Named. But Naomi from Spare Room Style / @nommyjoybubble on Instagram suggested them to … Continue reading Named Alexandria Linen Trousers

Knit Pyjies

Hello sewing friends! Sometimes you lose your sew-jo. That hasn’t happened to me for a while, but I seem to be suffering from write-jo lately. I have lots to post but the Muse of Interesting Blog Writing hasn’t blessed me with her presence for quite a while. So at the risk of boring you silly, and in the name of Faking It Til You Make … Continue reading Knit Pyjies

Frivolous at Last - Papercut Pinnacles Sweater

Pinnacles Sweater in French Thierry

Do you follow the Literary Sewing Circle? Bless Melanie’s fiction-loving heart, she’s organized the fourth instalment of this sewing and reading event. Since its inception, participants in the Literary Sewing Circle have read, and maybe sewn something inspired by, Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, Dance, Gladys, Dance by Cassie Stocks, The New Moon’s Arms by Nalo Hopkinson, and now The Painted Girls … Continue reading Pinnacles Sweater in French Thierry

Frivolous at Last - T-shirt refashion using Elbe Textile's free Carine T-shirt pattern

Upcycling a cast-off T-shirt

Here’s the ‘before’ picture: just one of my husband’s tees that was no longer useful as-is because the armpits were all crusted up with deodorant after a couple of years of wearing this regularly. Otherwise the material was in ‘very good used condition’, as they say, and I like the geeky audio-theme motifs on the front. My husband is a sound designer and I’m a … Continue reading Upcycling a cast-off T-shirt

Frivolous At Last - Zero Waste Brumer Dress by Milan AV-JC

Zero Waste Sewing: The Brumer Dress by Milan AV-JC

I finally got around to trying a zero-waste sewing pattern! This is the Brumer Wrap Dress by Milan AV-JC. And I’m “on location” in Costa Rica! I made this dress as a beach cover up so naturally it was necessary to get to a beach ASAP in order to test it out. 😉 So what is a zero-waste pattern? In essence, it’s designed to use … Continue reading Zero Waste Sewing: The Brumer Dress by Milan AV-JC

Frivolous At Last - Linden Sweatshirt / Toaster Sweater

Sewing Top 5 Hits: the post I never hit “publish” on

So I get that it’s, like, the end of January, but I wrote this damn post a few weeks ago and didn’t realize I hadn’t hit the publish button! And, this Top 5 is actually a Top 8, because when I originally wrote it, holiday decision fatigue was setting in and, well, if you’re reading this post this late in January, I don’t think you’re … Continue reading Sewing Top 5 Hits: the post I never hit “publish” on

Reflections on Refraining from Buying Clothes for a Year

In December of 2017 I signed up for the Ready to Wear (RTW) Fast — no buying any clothes during 2018. There is SO MUCH to be learned from a buying fast, and I highly recommend the challenge to anyone, even non-sewists. First, a disclaimer. I didn’t get through the whole year without buying RTW clothes. I gained weight in the spring and summer and when … Continue reading Reflections on Refraining from Buying Clothes for a Year