Frivolous at Last - Scout Tee Tunic hack

A Simple Scout Tunic

This is the top that “crept up” on me: when I finished sewing it, I was sure I didn’t like it and wouldn’t wear it. The only thing that kept me from donating it was that my original plan was to add elastics at the wrist for a bit of a bishop sleeve look, so I kept it in my alterations pile for a while until I could get around to it. A few months later I pulled it out and tried it on, and it didn’t seem so bad. Then my husband saw me and said, “Wow, what a great top,” and I realized I had judged it too harshly.

Frivolous at Last - Scout Tee Tunic hack

The fabric is a border-print rayon (I think) twill that I found at Fabricland. I bought it thinking I would make flowy pants with the border print at the ankles, but I realized that was going to be way too bohemian-looking for my style. So I turned the print sideways and cut out a Grainline Scout Tee, and lengthened and flared the sleeves.

Modified Scout Tee 2

This is not my best sewing. The bias-faced neckline is clearly wonky. I have since learned to shape and press the bias tape into the curve needed *before* attaching it, and it will lay flat and clean. But I didn’t do that here. And I didn’t ease in the left shoulder very well…I think I was already convinced I wasn’t going to like this top so I got really lazy and careless while sewing it.

Modified Scout Tee 1

But hey — I shall wear it anyway! And live happily ever after! Because life’s too short to worry about wonky necklines and armscyes, AMIRITE?

Modified Scout Tee 5

In other news: BurdaStyle included our Clothes Making Mavens podcast in their recent list of top sewing podcasts! Woo-hoo! (Ok, there aren’t THAT many sewing podcasts, I know, so how hard can it be to make the list? lol. But I’ll take it.)

Modified Scout Tee 4

And in more other news: Are you following Sewing Pattern Review’s Sewing Bee? My podcast co-host Helena just won round 3 with her AMAZING hack of what I thought of as a pretty boring pattern. Just check out her winning dress!

Modified Scout Tee 6

And in even more other news: I can’t tell you how excited I am that the Great British Sewing Bee is on again. I broke every law finding a copy of the episode in a torrent, but hey, BBC? I’m happy to pay you for it if you make it available to us North Americans.

How about you? Weren’t the jumpsuits of episode 1 fantastic? The Fold Line did a really terrific post that includes suggested patterns to recreate almost all of the looks that the contestants produced on this episode. So much fun! If you’re unable to access the current season because of your location, you can at least console yourself by watching past seasons of the Great British Sewing Bee here.

Frivolous at Last - Scout Tee Tunic hack

Thanks so much for stopping by!

— Lori



7 thoughts on “A Simple Scout Tunic

  1. Hi Lori! It is a great top! The colour is beautiful on you and that border print turned a simple top into something quite fancy. And who cares about those imperfections, as it often happens with us sewists, you are the only one who can see them.
    I can totally relate to not investing much effort into something you decide from the begginning you won’t like. I was cutting my latest project yesterday critisizing the fabric, complaining about the pattern, and just knowing in my head that I don’t like the top I am making. Why I started working on it in the first place I have no idea. But I am sure I will finish it anyway and hopefully will start liking it once it’s on me. And sometimes just a comment from somebody, like the one from your husband, changes everything. So fingers crossed.
    Congratulations on making the top ten podcasts list! I am sure if there were lots more you would still make it because it’s great what you, Helena, and now Barbara do. I always look forward to new episodes.

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    1. Hi Inna. I’m a little late in replying to this! Lol. Thanks so much for your comment. Good luck with the project you had underway…maybe you’re done and it turns out you like it after all??


  2. A stupendous Scout! And a great color on you! I have hesitated to make the pattern because I can’t believe that I will be able to get it on sans zipper. (Short sleeved, so you must be a contortionist!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Melody! It’s got a LOT of ease — I remember having to shave off inches off the sides on my first version. So no issues getting in and out of it. 🙂


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