Frivolous at Last - Vogue 9075 Jumpsuit

Extreme Sewing: Vogue 9075 Jumpsuit

Sometimes I really enjoy participating in the sport of Extreme Sewing. You know, that sport where you have an event to go to or some other drop-dead deadline to meet, and you decide at the last minute you have to sew something for it? My deadline was the Toronto Sewcialists Fancy Sewcial — a party for sewists to get together and ooh and aah over all the handmade clothing gorgeousness. It took place on Saturday July 27th, and up until July 26th I had planned to wear this Kielo Wrap Dress I made two years ago. But with just under 36 hours to go until show time, I decided my life definitely needed an injection of adrenaline-infused creative stress! I had to have a completed Vogue 9075 Jumpsuit to wear to the party!Frivolous at Last - Vogue 9075 JumpsuitI’ve been meaning to make this jumpsuit for a while now, as everyone I’ve seen wearing one looks terrific. It was probably Sweet Shard’s linen-look version that really tipped me over the edge (although it’s no surprise — she does look great in absolutely everything).V9075_9Man, is this thing comfortable! The fabric is woven cotton with elastane, which I picked up from a local dress designer’s studio sale a couple of years ago. (You can see one of 3rd Floor Studio’s dresses using this fabric here.) It’s the perfect weight and the elastane ensures that the fitted bodice isn’t too constrictive. I have actually napped in this thing, curled up like I was in my favourite jammies. And it has pockets!V9075_2

V9075_5The pattern calls for a lined bodice, but because I was under a tight deadline, and because I really didn’t think this fabric needed to be lined, I went with bias tape facings at the neckline and armholes instead.V9075_3Right, so let me tell you about the Play of the Game during this round of Extreme Sewing. It’s 3pm on Saturday, two hours before I need to leave the house to go out. (To up the challenge for myself, despite the fact that the Fancy Sewcial didn’t start until 8pm, I decided to attend a barbecue before that, cutting a full three hours off the game clock!) I have the mostly finished jumpsuit on so I can have a look in the mirror and decide what length to make the hems. I go to take it off only to discover that my invisible zipper is totally jammed and now I am STUCK IN MY JUMPSUIT. My husband is out running errands. “Help!” I text him. “I’m stuck in my dress! Can you come home soon and get me out?”V9075_8So with no time to waste, I start to mark my hem while I’m wearing it, hoping Dave will be home before I have to start attempting to cut the excess off the hem while I’m still in it. I thought I’d check with other Toronto Sewcialists on Instagram if anyone else was currently participating in their own Extreme Sewing Event:A screen shot of an instagram post showing a raw hem and a tape measure. The caption reads: "Is anyone else currently measuring their hemline while actually WEARING their unfinished garment which is supposed to be ready for tonight's #tofancysewcial because they are actually STUCK inside their dress because they sewed their invisible zipper just a little TOO invisible and are waiting for their partner to get home from running errands so they can unzip you and you can finally finish your dress? No? Just me then?Long story short, my knight in shining armour arrived home and managed to undo the zipper, and I finished the hems and swanned out of the house RIGHT ON TIME. No need to cut, sew, or iron the garment while I was in it! (Hands up, those of you who have attempted to do any of those things….I know some of you have for sure!)V9075_4I really am in love with this garment: the princess-seamed bodice, as well as the fullness provided by the pleats at the waist at the front and the back of the pants. I feel like I have a defined waist when I wear this, despite the fact that I’ve got a bit of potbelly these days. I would love to make another one of these in a solid colour. (I’m finding myself gravitating more and more towards the elegance and minimalism of solid fabrics…too bad my stash is full of brightly coloured prints!) Next time I will make the crotch depth a little lower, and I will add a couple of small darts at the back neck. You can see a bit of excess fabric there in the picture below. V9075_7I highly recommend this pattern. It was fun to sew, not too advanced, with a big payoff. And pockets.

I’m not entirely sure I recommend Extreme Sewing, however. It’s not for the faint of heart, nor for those without a Plan B!

Frivolous at Last - Vogue 9075 Jumpsuit
I have no idea what kind of cockamamie pose I’m trying to do here. But I am happy to be able to use the word “cockamamie” in a sentence.

Have you got a tale of Extreme Sewing? Share it in the comments — I’d love to hear it.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

— Lori

10 thoughts on “Extreme Sewing: Vogue 9075 Jumpsuit

  1. I’m sure I have an extreme sewing somewhere in my memory but the one that springs to mind in crocheting a bag to match my wedding outfit while on the train to the event…… finally finishing it during the before wedding coffee with my family!!!


  2. I love this story – so glad you managed to escape the zip of doom and finish it in time. The jumpsuit looks fabulous on you. And, yes, I once wonder-taped a hem rather than stitched it because I hadn’t left enough sewing time to finish it properly with a twin needle before my own birthday party… I told myself it looked more ‘couture’ without the visible topstitching!

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  3. The pose is very Vogue- it is featured on a few of their envelopes. I don’t recall exactly which numbers but I clearly recall the exuberant pose. Love your jumpsuit

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  4. i just love this entire look! So happy your knight returned in time too.. lol … This outfit is gorgeous!!!! 🙂 🙂 The pattern, the fabric… it all worked beautifully.


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