Ogden Ogni Oggi: I want to wear an Ogden cami every today

But first, apologies to Italian speakers. The title of this post means something like Ogden Every Today in Italian. Why am I trying to alliterate in Italian, a language for which I’ve only completed the beginner’s course level 1 in Babbel? Well, A) because a good sewist is SEW not going to pass up an opportunity for a groan-worthy pun, and B) because I am in Italy on vacation! Yippeeeeeee!!!! And I am wearing Ogden camis and dresses all the time here!

Let’s play a little game of “Where Wore It Better?”

Frivolous at Last - Ogden Cami
Where wore it better: ogden cami in my backyard at the villa?
Frivolous at Last - Ogden Cami
…or in the back laneway in Toronto?
Frivolous at Last - Ogden Cami
Or on the shore of Lake Como in northern Italy?
Frivolous at Last - Ogden Dress
Ogden Dress in a laneway in Bellagio?
…or Ogden dress in a laneway in Toronto?

Note that the Ogden pattern is only for a cami, but it couldn’t be easier to extend it into a dress. I simply added about 14″ to the hem of the cami, keeping the same curved shape of the hem. I also added in-seam pockets to the dress.

Frivolous at Last - Ogden Cami
Ogden cami in a laneway in Menaggio?
Frivolous at Last - Ogden Cami in silk twill
…or Ogden cami in a laneway in Toronto?

Ok, let’s just drop the pretence and recognize that Italy wears EVERYTHING better.

Here are some more pics of the various Ogdens with some details about the fabrics I used.

Frivolous at Last - Ogden Cami

This was the first one I sewed and it came out a bit large, so I went down a size for the rest. This needs a bit of rescuing by shortening the straps. I used Art Gallery Fabrics rayon challis in the Boho Fusion Swifting Flora print. (Where the fuck do they come up with these NAMES??)

Frivolous at Last - Ogden Cami

I adore this fabric — so lightweight and cool in the hot Italian summer sun. It was very shifty to cut out, though.

Getting in trouble with the Angel of Nuggies for not being more careful about the grainline.

This dress was made from a rayon that I picked up in the Turkish Market in Berlin last year. Lightweight rayon is *perfetto* for this pattern.

Frivolous at Last - Ogden Dress

One thing I really love about the Ogden, apart from the fact that it’s quite easy to make, is the low-cut back. And generally speaking, I find that it covers my bra straps quite well. You’d think that would be more of a problem with this style but it seems to be drafted perfectly for that.

Frivolous at Last - Ogden Dress

Frivolous at Last - Ogden Dress

Frivolous at Last - Ogden Dress

Frivolous at Last - Ogden Dress

This navy version below was made with 100% silk twill that I picked up for about $7 per yard at Designer Fabrics in Toronto. I can’t say much more about that because I am in the denial stage of grief as the owners of DF have announced they are retiring and closing the store. This store is a 10-minute walk from my house! Not sure I will survive this blow.

Frivolous at Last - Ogden Cami

Perhaps I’ll go console myself with a pizza and gelato and a bottle of chianti and a view of Lake Como.

Life can be tough.

Thanks for stopping by!

— Lori


31 thoughts on “Ogden Ogni Oggi: I want to wear an Ogden cami every today

  1. You poor thing! Vacationing in Italy – my heart bleeds πŸ™‚ I LOVED Italy. Even the sun/light feels different – softer, more mellow. Your Ogdens however, look great everywhere you go πŸ™‚ I resisted the dash for Ogden for the longest time UNTIL she released it in print…then I was done for. I’ve made 3 and have been considering more as I eye some left over Liberty lawn sitting by my cutting table…I had to do darts in it however, but that’s just par for the course for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So sorry about your fabric store closing!

    I discovered the Ogden earlier this year and have made two with at least a few more planned. It really is a fantastic pattern and all of yours are awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What?! I hadn’t heard they were closing. Will have to look into that further and plan a trip there beforenit happens. Love your Ogdens and it looks like Arenite pants too. I had planned those as an Italy outfit myself.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lori – I was teetering on the edge – to buy or not to buy the Ogden. But this post just pushed me over the edge. 81/2 X 11 sheets of paper and tape abound. Your Ogden dress hack is quite wonderful and perfect for holidays. Italy I think wins the challenge! Sorry TO. And sorry about DF. I know the feeling of abandonment by fabric heavens closing.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love all your versions of this pattern. It looks to be the PERFECT pattern for summer wear when you feel so hot you want the least amount of fabric touching the body.
    I’m devastated to learn of the fabric store closing. People get tired … but I’m sad for us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Barbara. Glad you got to visit it when you were here–so you know why it’s so upsetting. Many people are breaking into tears as they go in there to make their last purchases. 😦


  6. “Boho Fusion Swifting Flora print” – totally WTF is up with those names! But anyway, I like your Ogden series in all the ways. The navy one is probably my favourite. And I’ll totally take your summer shoe collection as well πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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