The Clothes Making Mavens Podcast: a chat with Kate Ng on sustainable sewing

Hi friends! Just a quick note to let you know that the latest episode of the Clothes Making Mavens podcast dropped a few days ago. I interviewed Kate Ng from Time to Sew on the topic of sustainable sewing. If you’ve ever wondered about the environmental impact of fabric manufacturing, or felt a bit guilty about chucking fabric scraps into the landfill, this episode is for you! And, if you haven’t listened to a sewing podcast before, now’s the time to start! A podcast is the perfect company while you sew. Even if your hands and eyes are occupied with sewing, your ears haven’t got anything to do — so give them a treat and check out Episode 22. 🙂

Kate Ng from Time to Sew
Kate from Time to Sew

Even though Kate lives in London, England, she was here in Toronto earlier this month so we managed to meet up for a cup of tea and some fabric shopping. When sewing friends get together from across the world a selfie is in order!

Lori & Kate
#windyhairdon’tcare. And check out the giant thimble statue behind us at the corner of Spadina Avenue & Richmond Street in the Toronto Garment District.

Clothes Making Mavens podcast - episode 22 - Kate Ng of Time to Sew on Sustainable Sewing

Hope you can take a listen.

Thanks for stopping by!

— Lori


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