Floral Zinnia Skirt

I thought I’d be saving this post for next Spring but it’s 28 degrees and sunny here in Toronto today, so summer is clearly not over yet!


This is the second Zinnia skirt by Colette that I’ve made (the first was my Intergalactic Planetary Skirt). I remain surprised at how much I love this style of skirt, even though I never thought it was a silhouette I’d gravitate towards in my wardrobe. Happy to be proven wrong!


The fabric is a royal purple quilting weight cotton called Water Bouquet Midnight by Amy Butler. I got it as part of a sewing kit from Craftsy a couple of years ago but was never inspired to make the dress pattern it came with. I do think the fabric is a great match for this skirt pattern. I love the bright colours and large, happy florals.


K, can we just talk about that red button for a moment? It makes me happy. That is all. 😀


Thanks for stopping by!

— Lori


18 thoughts on “Floral Zinnia Skirt

  1. The whole shebang is stellar. Gorgeous print, colours, style, red button, shoes. Gorgeous you.
    Like I said, the whole shebang.
    28º. Yikes. We have rain and cool temps for the first time in ages. I’m wearing wool today but not giving up on summer. We still have a few days left.


  2. Skirt is super cute, of course, but WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR SHOES! I love them. (And the skirt IS super cute, but I’m too in love with your shoes to notice.)


    1. Lol! I see you are a fellow shoe-fetishist! I bought them at my local shoe shop (appropriately called Imelda), so I don’t know the specific model but they are Miz Mooz brand.


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