Named Talvikki Sweatshirt

Heather Lou made me do it! She looked so great in her Named Talvikki Sweatshirt that I had a second look at this pattern that I had previously passed over.

Named Talvikki Sweater

Named Talvikki Sweater Back

I like the minimalist design of this sweater, particularly the darts around the neckline which form the funnel neck. I must admit that I very happily and cluelessly applied non-stretch interfacing to my stretch fabric neck facing. (At least I have a consistent M.O.) Luckily, the neck opening was wide enough to fit over my pea-head without stretching (or, at least with the sound of only one stitch snapping) so disaster was (mostly) averted.

Named Talvikki Sweater Funnel Neck

I sewed this with a sweatshirt fabric I bought from L’oiseau Fabrics, a terrific online fabric retailer that carries a ton of knits. The pattern calls for a medium- to heavy-weight stretch fabric, providing enough body for the sweater to look fairly structured, and this fabric fits the bill. The design of this pattern can definitely elevate plain sweatshirt fleece from schlubby to smart. (Which is hard to say out loud…try it. lol)


I modified the pattern to make it slightly longer so I can wear leggings and have my butt covered, and the side slits don’t go up quite as high. There’s no point in having too much ventilation in a cool-weather sweater, amirite?

As I’m putting this post together, I realize that this *looks* better than I *feel* in it. I feel a bit dwarfed by the roominess of this sweater. I find the sleeves to be ginormous — very wide armholes and sleeves. I’m tempted to zip the serger up the sleeve sides to trim them down a bit.

Named Talvikki Sweater
With special guest appearance by Ernie’s tail

Some great ideas I’ve read for this pattern around the blogosphere include:

  • sew it in ponte knit
  • sew it in boiled wool (as Named’s sample was done)…definitely in a class above sweatshirt fleece
  • add a short exposed zipper to the back or the neck, or even up the side of one shoulder


Named Talvikki Sweater


Thanks for stopping by for a read!

5 thoughts on “Named Talvikki Sweatshirt

  1. I am so excited to see more of this pattern popping up in my feed–it was my favorite in their new collection. (And I just finished my first version of it this weekend, yay!) I love, love, LOVE this color you picked: it’s gorgeous on you, and it adds a richness to the garment. I understand your feelings about the size of the sleeves but when you roll them up, they look fantastic IMO.

    An exposed zip at the neck would be an AMAZING idea, and would surely give you more freedom for fabric choice (like boiled wool without elastane!!) too. And I would actually love to see or make this in a sweatshirt fleece! (I would also love to have a smaller noggin, because my hair doesn’t appreciate the squeeze, lol.)


  2. I love this pattern and like Mads it’s great to see it being made up.
    I think it looks lovely, and killer with those awesome leggings. I wouldn’t narrow the sleeves but you could shorten them perhaps? Or roll as Mads suggested?


  3. Looking great! The sleeves might be a big big, but that’s cool. The colour is exiquisite and thanks for the link of the supplier!


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