Perfect PJs

I can’t think of a more appropriate project to sew just a few days before Christmas!


This is Burda’s onesie pyjamas (12/2016 #103). As soon as I saw their photo, I realized I had the perfect heather grey knit fabric that had been sitting in my stash for 2 years.

I seem to recall that this knit was labeled Marc Jacobs or some such thing when I bought it at Mood in NYC. I considered it for a number of different patterns over time but always rejected it because I realized that the daisy motif was a bit twee for a garment. Then I saw this pyjama pattern and it was a match made in heaven! The fabric is the perfect weight for pyjies…soft and warm.

Burda onesie pyjamas

I used buttons instead of snaps. Snaps would have been more convenient but when I took this into my favourite shop for adding snaps and rivets, the guy there advised against them since I hadn’t interfaced the button band. He thought pulling on the snaps might eventually tear the fabric…so if you’re thinking of making this pattern, definitely add interfacing.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make the bottom of the button band square…I think I mis-sewed that seam so a rectangular finish was not possible. Burda, I’m sure I’m not the only sewist who wished you had some damn illustrations in your instructions.


I cut and sewed the smallest size — 36, which is often too big for me. I ended up shortening the legs and arms quite a bit and taking in the sides of the torso, adding a slight bit of waist shaping while I was at it. It’s still quite roomy but the fit is perfect for lounging and sleeping.



And this is me shaking my be-pyjied butt because I am so damn excited to have the perfect pyjamas for Christmas!


Just right for rugging up with hand knit socks, a good book, and a purring cat…which is pretty much my definition of a perfect Christmas holiday.


Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season! ❤


6 thoughts on “Perfect PJs

  1. Lovely pajamas!!! It is such a good idea to make them in one piece instead of two, I am gonna copy that straight away. The marriage fabric-pattern is also perfect, and you look awsome in them. Also, I see you need some ribbed elastic jersey for cuffs and ankles…Burda is famous for good patterns and poor instructions, but I think that with your sewing skills, you don’t need intructions any more. Have a lovely holiday home with pajamas and good books!

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    1. Thank you, Mertxe! I know what you mean…I love Burda’s designs, but I really prefer to have the instructions really clearly laid out for me. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, too! ❤


    1. Honestly, I got lucky, Linda. The torso length fit me just right without any adjustments (which is good, because I didn’t measure ahead of time!). lol

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  2. Belated Holiday greetings to you and your family!! 🙂 wishing you an awesome New year!!! Hopefully we get to connect this time! 🙂 Some sew chit chat.. fabric shopping.. coffee and sew talk… who knows.. 🙂


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