The Terrifying Yet Chic Clown Suit

I sewed myself a clown suit — and I liked it!

B6312 Jumpsuit

This cute thing is B6312, a ‘very easy See & sew’ pattern from Butterick. I modified the pattern by flaring out the legs, because I was going for the culotte-look rather than what Named Clothing aptly calls “carrot leg”, which tapers in towards the bottom.

B6312 Jumpsuit

The following pic is a bit blurry, but I love the way the background looks, so just squint, k?

B6312 Jumpsuit

B6312 Jumpsuit

Below you can see that it actually is a clown suit, with props to Katie from What Katie Sews for making me almost laugh out loud when she wrote of her own version that “the pattern pieces looked terrifying like a clown suit, but once it’s made up in a soft fabric and belted, it’s secret-pyjama dreams come true.” Clown suit? Secret pyjamas? How could I NOT try this pattern?? Thanks for the inspiration, Katie!

B6312 Jumpsuit
The face on the wall behind me agrees that this is a terrifying clown suit.
B6312 Jumpsuit
Does my ass look fat in this clown suit?

Here’s a better look at the fabric, which is a Japanese cotton print I bought at Designer Fabrics on Queen Street West in Toronto last summer. I was just there yesterday and this still have some for sale. The belt I bought a few years ago from Peeko Apparel on Etsy, who seems to have since closed up shop, unfortunately.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 B6312 Jumpsuit

I still need to do a bit of altering to the top half. I cut the top in the smallest size and graded the pants part out to the next size up. The top is still rather wide and the armholes are very deep so I think it will look better if I resew the side seams to cinch it in a bit more.

B6312 Jumpsuit

I had to use these awesome shoes for this photo shoot, because if I attempt to wear them In Real Life I have to mince around very slowly and carefully or else be carried around on a divan. The latter never happens so basically I just don’t wear them. 😦  I’m sure you have a story about a pair of shoes that function more as a sculpture in your home than as practical tools for locomotion, amirite?

B6312 Jumpsuit

I find I need to fuss a little bit to get the fabric to gather just right under the belt. I wonder if I should’ve just gone for a jumpsuit with an actual waistband instead. What do you think?

B6312 Jumpsuit

It was the most perfect Spring day when #UnsungSewingBlogHero and I shot these pics, with the lilacs and crabapple trees in full bloom. Glorious!

crabapple blossoms

Thanks so much for stopping by for a look!

17 thoughts on “The Terrifying Yet Chic Clown Suit

  1. I think it looks awesome! But I also think a garment like this is very much reliant on just the right fabric, get it wrong and it looks ridiculous. Get it right and it looks utterly chic, like yours 🙂 I love the obi-belt, too.
    I can just imagine how insanely comfy this must be, it must be perfect for rayons.
    I have lots of ornamental shoes, too. Good thing there are photo-shoots to flaunt them in 😀


  2. Love your clown suit. Not clownish at all – very, very chic. The obi-belt adds to the chicness.
    I’d love to see a photo of the obi-belt laid out. I’d like to make a belt like that.
    Your Mother’s Day post was lovely. Glad to know your bad-assery started young.
    The red shoes are killers. You need minions?


  3. I think this is a different and yet flattering jumpsuit with the right belt, which you achieved. Cute fabric and love the obi belt purchased from Etsy.


  4. Beautiful outfit. Love everything about it, the style, the fabric, and the awesome belt. And it looks amazing on you.

    I have a beautiful pair of deep cherry red patent leather pumps, and another pair with a gorgeous tortoiseshell pattern. Neither of which has ever seen any action outside the box.


    1. Thank you! Those shoes sound amazing. At least put them out on your dresser or something where you can admire them. I’ve done that. 😉


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