M7127: The sweet sound of sewing block crumbling

This is my new cozy-yet-kinda-sexy shirt that I just *loooooooove*.

McCall's 7127 houndstooth crossover top

There’s something kinda saucy about a low-cut back, don’t you think?

McCall's 7127 houndstooth crossover top

This is McCall’s 7127, view B, a very easy top that has only 3 pattern pieces to cut. It was just what I needed to break through the sewing block wall that kept me from finishing any sewing since December. On a whim I pulled this pattern out of my stash, grabbed this fabric that I had been saving for something else, and got down to business without thinking about it too much. Within a few hours I was done. It gave me a great sense of relief to finally complete a sewing project! Sometimes I spend way too much time deliberating, second-guessing, hesitating, etc., and not enough time just sewing.

McCall's 7127 houndstooth crossover top

I love the houndstooth pattern that also looks a bit like Space Invaders. The fabric is a polyester stretch jersey I found at Fabricland. It’s very soft and all kinds of comfortable to wear.

McCall's 7127 houndstooth crossover top

Some notes on the pattern: it does not include bust darts, which isn’t a problem for me but may be for gals with a fuller bust. You can even see in the picture below where the fabric bunches a bit near my armpit, which a dart would take care of nicely, but this sort of thing doesn’t bother me. Also of note is that the line drawing for the pattern doesn’t really convey the fact that the shirt has drop shoulders. I thought at first that the shoulder fit was way off but it’s clearly drafted this way, and works just fine for me.

McCall's 7127 houndstooth crossover top

McCall's 7127 houndstooth crossover top

My cats like to follow me around if I’m doing a photo shoot in the back alley. Look at dis guy!!!


Thanks to my lovely #UnsungSewingBlogHero for the pics!

16 thoughts on “M7127: The sweet sound of sewing block crumbling

    1. You should totally go for it! It’s very simple and I think a very satisfying result. Thanks for your comment!


  1. Super cute top. Love the interesting neck line at the back. Fabulous photos, as always. I’ll be looking for some photographs of the graduation dress I made, and when I find them, I’ll post for you. (Eeekkkk yes, I’ve started a blog! )


  2. I love your version! And I am just dying to know, can this top be worn backwards with the crossover in the front?


    1. Hi! So I got it out and tested it backwards and the verdict is: yes! The only potential drawback is the upward curve where the overlapping pieces meet at the bottom might show your bellybutton…but if you’re comfortable with that, it’s all good. Another option is to lengthen the top a little bit.


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