2015 Prediction Comes True: 3D Printed Jewelry Was, In Fact, In My Immediate Future

In my 2014 round-up post I predicted that 3D printed jewelry was in my immediate future, and I was right!

Ok, it’s true that as the person actually planning to make the 3D printed jewelry, I did have some insider information…so don’t go recommending me to friends seeking a future-predicting oracle. Unless, of course, they’re gullible and have lots of money.

As part of a fundraising initiative, I was involved in the design and manufacture of these cool little 3D printed pendants.

3D printed TNT molecule pendant
3D printed TNT molecule pendant
3D Printed Dopamine Molecule Pendant

I’m taking a group of my students on a volunteering trip in a couple of weeks to Honduras, the second-poorest country in the western hemisphere. We will be volunteering with El Hogar, a home and schools for orphaned and underprivileged children who might otherwise be living on the street or involved in gangs. In order to raise funds to donate to El Hogar, we planned a couple of fundraisers including selling these necklaces at school. Dopamine is the chemical that activates the pleasure centre of the brain, and TNT is, well, dynamite. We also made them in glow-in-the-dark blue!

3D printed glow-in-the-dark dopamine molecule!
3D printed glow-in-the-dark dopamine molecule!

In addition to pendants, we made wooden keychains using our laser cutter. Being a media school, I thought depicting the sound waveform of various phrases would be a hit, and it was. We had keychains with the name of our department, as well as some that said “I Love You” and, in honour of our Spanish-speaking destination, some that said “Te Quiero”.


Our group managed to raise about $900 for El Hogar over the course of four days of selling these in the lobby of our building at school. Overall, we’re getting very close to our goal of $2,500.

If you’d like to know more about our trip and our projects, check out rtahumanitarianmedia.wordpress.com.

My next prediction: lots of marking papers as well as dithering about what to eat for dinner then finally ordering pizza is in my immediate future. I’ll let you know if that comes true. 😉

8 thoughts on “2015 Prediction Comes True: 3D Printed Jewelry Was, In Fact, In My Immediate Future

    1. Thanks for your comment, Janet! How was their trip? Everyone who has been seems to have wonderful things to say about it. We’re actually staying at the Agricultural School, which is on a farm just outside of Tegucigalpa in Talanga. I think most visitors go to the primary school in Tegucigalpa. Where did your family go?


    1. Hi Lisa, I’d be happy to make arrangements with you if you’d like one. The necklaces sell for a minimum donation of $10, plus shipping to wherever you are. I’ll reach out to you via your Etsy shop so we can PM.


  1. They went to the primary school and they visited the farm. Apparently the food is better at the farm. They are planning to return next year! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.


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