Was I Drunk? Burda Baggy Sweater 01/2015 #107

Look at this neckline! I might as well have been drunk when I sewed it. Shame I wasn’t; I would at least have had an excuse.

Burda 01/2015 #107 baggy sweater

I am a victim of “let’s just get this thing DONE, shall we?” syndrome. I chopped and pinned and stitched that neckline in a frenzy so I could clean up the dining room table in time for dinner. The neckline sucks, but dinner was excellent.

This is Burda’s “Cozy Sweater with Rounded Shoulders” from the January 2015 edition of the magazine. (The European version, not the American one. Is it me or is the American version just a rehash of all the patterns that have already been released in the Euro edition? I am happy to make a special trip to get the European version every month — from my local Ye Olde German Shoppe, which I can’t wait to tell you about in another post — because it seems so much better.)

Burda 01/2015 #107 Baggy sweater

I modified the pattern a bit — I mean, in addition to modifying the neckline to be all fucked up. I didn’t use binding around the edges because sewing binding makes me CRAY CRAY. I want to poke my own eyes out with a dull spoon every time I attempt sewing binding. So I just added seam allowance and folded over the edges and top-stitched.

Burda 01/2015 #107 Baggy top

(Note to self: comb hair before photo shoot. And use a frigging lint brush. On the sweater, not the hair.)

The fabric is a polyester stretch with diamond-pattern texture that I picked up from Affordable Textiles in Toronto. It has good body so this feels a bit like I’m rocking the scuba-fabric trend. If you wait long enough, I will eventually get on top of all the latest trends, just when everyone’s already sick of them.

It was a super-quick sew, with only a front piece, back piece, and 4 pieces for the sleeves to sew together. Of course, I haven’t yet factored in the time I am going to spend ripping out and fixing the neckline. I will put this next to the couch in the TV room and one evening I will hopefully pick it up and fix it.

Burda 01/2015 #107 Baggy Top Burda 01/2015 #107 Baggy top

9 thoughts on “Was I Drunk? Burda Baggy Sweater 01/2015 #107

  1. ooh come on.. its not bad at all .. in fact I love it.. I guess its the lens of the “Novice” you think.. i can see no wrong.. i know all too well about that lets get it done syndrome..lol .. I can see this in many variations… Studs added, a piece of leather.. all that jazz… don’t be so hard on yourself. You must admit it is ready to wear…:) I love it and thanks for sharing… you have me thinking now about getting that Mag…hmmmm…Friday inspiration


  2. I only noticed the neckline because you made note of it. When you look at it without that filter, it is not bad. For me the fabric caught my attention.


  3. Yes, the US edition is rehashed from the previous “season” of the euro edition. Not worth buying imo.

    I really like your sweatshirt!! The drop shoulder is cute and the neckline is not noticeably flawed at all!


  4. I’m not sure what is wrong with the neckline but it isn’t evident from the photos. Love the fabric and the garment is flattering. Someone on PR wrote that we are so critical of our own work while accepting shoddy workmanship in RTW garments – I remind myself of that!
    I agree re: the US version of Burda – not worth it at all!


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