Spring Farm Babies!

If you live anywhere within several hundred kilometers of where I do (Toronto), I’m going to safely assume you, too, are ready to poke your own eyes out with a dull spoon if this damn winter doesn’t f%#k the f%#k off really soon. Until then, here’s a little vicarious treat to tide you over: spring farm babies! I recently returned from a volunteering trip to Honduras, Central America, where my students and I went to shoot video productions for the charitable organization El Hogar and volunteer on their agricultural school farm, and it was baby season on the farm. It’s good to know it’s spring somewhere!

Winter-weary people, I give you…BABY CHICKS!

Baby chicks!

Lots of baby chicks!

Baby chicks cozying up under the heat lamps.

I think this might be love.

I think this might be love.

I give you…BABY GOATS!

Baby goat!

Just a few days old.

Three-day-old baby goat jumping its way towards me and straight into my heart.


More ridiculous jumping baby goat! So young it still has its umbilical cord attached.

Baby goat!

Baby goat snoozing in my lap! (Photo credit: Brooke Finkelstein)




K, this one's not a baby but that Mona Lisa smile is pretty irresistible.

K, this one’s not a baby but that Mona Lisa smile is pretty irresistible.

I give you…BABY COW!

One day old and mom is already able to leave this kid unsupervised. Why can't human babies be this easy??

One day old and mom is already able to leave this kid unsupervised. Why can’t human babies be this easy??


Lori patting baby calf

Happy birthday, baby! One day old! (Photo credit: Ashley Lewis)


Who is cuter? Tough call.

Who is cuter, the puppy or Brittany? Tough call! (Photo credit: Ashley Lewis)

Mikael figures it's time for this pup to learn to walk upright. :)

Mikael figures it’s time for this pup to learn to walk upright. 🙂



Look at the tiny spotted one! Look at those noses! Squeeeeee!


A Family of Turkeys!


Right, so baby turkeys win the booby-prize for least cute farm babies. But their father is rather handsome.

Unfortunately not all the farm babies were healthy. The little lamb below was born too early. One night about 10 o’clock a wolf came visiting the farm looking for a meal, and made one of a hen and some of her chicks pictured above, and scared the ewe below into early labour. In the morning, not realizing what had happened the night before, I came to the goat & sheep pen for a visit and the little lamb below was lying on its side, struggling, while its mother bleated piteously. The mother can’t feed it unless it can stand up on its own and reach her udder. We all thought the lamb would be dead very soon. I ran and got a towel to wrap it so it wouldn’t be cold in the cool air of 6 am. Miraculously, later in the day, I could see that the lamb was making incredible efforts to get itself up, and by late afternoon, it was standing! I never thought it would make it that far. I took the picture below using my zoom lens because I didn’t want to get anywhere near these two and risk disturbing the delicate feeding procedure they were trying to undertake. I went to bed that night worried, but optimistic that this lamb might just beat the odds.


Early the next morning things weren’t looking so good. The lamb was back on its side and weak. I helped a couple of the boys on the farm capture the ewe and lay her down on her side, and we gently force-fed the lamb with her teats. Unfortunately the lamb died right in my hands just a few moments later, and I’ll tell you what — it was super-traumatizing for this city-slicker. The mother was traumatized, too; she didn’t stop bleating for 2 days straight, maybe more — we had to leave to go home later that same day so I don’t know for sure. I try to make myself feel better by remembering that I did my best to make the lamb comfortable and happy in the few hours that it was alive on this earth.

And I focus on the happy, healthy goat babies that made me laugh and smile the whole time I was on the farm, and I am content. 🙂


I’ve never thought I could be so happy sitting around in piles of goat shit. 😀

2015 Prediction Comes True: 3D Printed Jewelry Was, In Fact, In My Immediate Future

In my 2014 round-up post I predicted that 3D printed jewelry was in my immediate future, and I was right!

Ok, it’s true that as the person actually planning to make the 3D printed jewelry, I did have some insider information…so don’t go recommending me to friends seeking a future-predicting oracle. Unless, of course, they’re gullible and have lots of money.

As part of a fundraising initiative, I was involved in the design and manufacture of these cool little 3D printed pendants.

3D printed TNT molecule pendant

3D printed TNT molecule pendant


3D Printed Dopamine Molecule Pendant

I’m taking a group of my students on a volunteering trip in a couple of weeks to Honduras, the second-poorest country in the western hemisphere. We will be volunteering with El Hogar, a home and schools for orphaned and underprivileged children who might otherwise be living on the street or involved in gangs. In order to raise funds to donate to El Hogar, we planned a couple of fundraisers including selling these necklaces at school. Dopamine is the chemical that activates the pleasure centre of the brain, and TNT is, well, dynamite. We also made them in glow-in-the-dark blue!

3D printed glow-in-the-dark dopamine molecule!

3D printed glow-in-the-dark dopamine molecule!

In addition to pendants, we made wooden keychains using our laser cutter. Being a media school, I thought depicting the sound waveform of various phrases would be a hit, and it was. We had keychains with the name of our department, as well as some that said “I Love You” and, in honour of our Spanish-speaking destination, some that said “Te Quiero”.


Our group managed to raise about $900 for El Hogar over the course of four days of selling these in the lobby of our building at school. Overall, we’re getting very close to our goal of $2,500.

If you’d like to know more about our trip and our projects, check out rtahumanitarianmedia.wordpress.com.

My next prediction: lots of marking papers as well as dithering about what to eat for dinner then finally ordering pizza is in my immediate future. I’ll let you know if that comes true. 😉