Frivolous at Last - Seamwork Elmira Wrap Tops

A Tale of Two Elmiras

I can’t explain why I am so attracted to wrap tops with ties! It’s a compulsion — put a pattern for one in front of my eyes and my lizard-brain kicks into gear, causing a rush of adrenaline, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations. (In my world, apparently, lizard brains have what biologists have identified as exceptionally over-developed Sartorial Cortexes.) See my recent post about … Continue reading A Tale of Two Elmiras

Frivolous at Last - Burda Wrap Blouse and Love Notions Sybil Illusion Skirt

A Rosy Outfit for the City of Roses

Jeez, I made this in spring last year and forgot to show you! I attended the Pattern Review Weekend in Portland, Oregon — about 100 sewing fanatics met up to chat, learn, go fabric shopping, and have fun. There was a themed sewing contest and since Portland is known as an ideal place to grow roses (you can visit their International Rose Test Garden), the … Continue reading A Rosy Outfit for the City of Roses