Excuse me ma’am, there’s a little sumthn sumthn on your shirt

Notice anything unusual about this fabric? Look carefully. Or maybe not even that carefully.

Yeah, that. I think it’s supposed to look like a knot in the wood grain. Alas, it calls to mind something else entirely.

I didn’t notice this when I bought the fabric…I was just excited about the ombré effect and the wood grain pattern. It wasn’t until I got it home and I stood draping it around myself in front of the full length mirror that I noticed a problem. In that moment, my pattern placement was, let’s say, bang-on.


I’m bravely forging ahead regardless, making a romper using McCall’s 7099 — just placing the pattern pieces very carefully. I’ve got most of it sewn up and it should be ready for primetime after the usual hacking down by several sizes that seems to be a standard part of my sewing process. Details to come!

McCall's 7099 View A - Romper
McCall’s 7099 View A – Romper

7 thoughts on “Excuse me ma’am, there’s a little sumthn sumthn on your shirt

  1. Oh m that made me laugh so much! I have in my stash a certain floral blouse that has rather pronounced ‘nipples’ which like you were oh so perfectly positioned.


  2. Coming to TO on the 22nd for a few days and staying with a friend who lives on Melbourne between King and Queen Streets. Are you in that ‘hood? Any chance for a meetup coffee or tea?

    And, by the way. That image? Praying hands! Must be the Catholic background.


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