An Embarrassment of Blogging Riches!

I have been creating things like mad lately and have a LOT to blog about! I’m going to take some time over the coming days to craft some posts that will hopefully be interesting to read, but being windswept and interesting takes a fair bit of time and effort and in the meantime I am bursting at the seams. So here’s a quick preview of more detailed posts to come…

I made this ring! Like, myself!

Silver Curlicue Ring with Amethyst CZ

I made this necklace! And the big deal (for me, anyway) is that I made it at home out of silver clay. No need for a fully equipped jeweler’s studio!

Silver Rectangles Necklace

And I made some silver stacking rings — my first home soldering experiment. I have a picture but I realize my unmanicured, ruddy hand with angry red scratches from scrabbling around in the garden yesterday does NOT make an excellent modeling form.

And just today I completed a ‘sparkle skirt’ — a skirt for which I built electronic circuits and programmed it to twinkle with light whenever I shake my hips. It’s crazy.

Sparkle Skirt Wearable Electronics

Can you see those little red lights? They change colour, too.

I’m also trying desperately to get a Leading Lady entry ready for this week’s Project Sewn challenge, for which I’ve chosen Faye Dunaway as inspiration and a 70’s-style dress pattern with big-ass drapey sleeves. Not likely I’ll finish, though, with a big mother’s day dinner to be prepared for both moms tomorrow.

Hope to see you here in these pages soon with more details about these projects! Thanks for reading!



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