K, What About This?

Still questioning the validity of satin ‘joggers’, although feeling pretty propped by all the encouraging comments on their debut post. Thanks for weighing in! Commenter Barbara J had a valid point when she wondered whether dressing them up with high heels was, y’know, a bit twee…


….so I thought I’d try styling them more casually, pairing them with a plain heather gray T-shirt and metallic silver oxfords:


Whaddya think? Does it work? Or am I just trying to polish a turd? ๐Ÿ˜€

The Hammer Pant debate rages on…

14 thoughts on “K, What About This?

  1. Hells yeah, silver oxfords! How handy that you just happen to have those in your closet. Now you can take those pants to the supermarket, or switch back to the heels and dressy top for a night out. That’s an all around win, in my book.


  2. I think I prefer the heels too but I don’t think it’s because of the shoes. The silver oxfords rock! I think, for me, it’s actually that I prefer the black top. The contrast maybe?


  3. I was a bit iffy about these pants, so I started browsing burdastyle to see if anyone had made them up. Came across your site that way. I saw the styling with the heels and though, “Ooh, those look good. Dressing up with the heels really makes them work. Of course, you couldn’t do casual in them.” And then you style them casually. And it works! I think these look great both ways. Of course, being a new visitor I have no idea what your usual style is or how far these pants may stray from it, but I think they’re great.


    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Dawn! To be honest, satin pants are pretty far out of my normal range, for sure. I find I tend to do that when I pick patterns to sew–I pick things I think are ‘cool’ or unusual and worry about whether I’ll actually wear it later. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I am making these exact same pants at the moment, that’s how I found your blog. Your pictures convinced me to try them actually, so thanks! I’m making mine in a gray chiffon-like fabric, also out of my comfort range, so we are like fancy pants pattern buddies! I think that the pattern can be casual but it’s probably easier when not sewn in satin. ๐Ÿ˜€ I think these pants would look good with a black oversized top, something very simple with a little drape or a texture but no embellishment. Maybe with a grainline hemlock tee with a boatneck and high low hem? I’ve seen some that are very casual but still sophisticated. Pair them with black pointed flats and you’ve got an edgy, but casual outfit, maybe. I’m not a stylist! Haha.


    1. Well hello fancy pants pattern buddy! (Love the sound of that!) I can’t wait to see your pants in grey chiffon–please share some photos when you’re done. Hope they turn out well!


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