Look Who’s Wearing Hammer Pants

Alright, they’re not quite Hammer Pants per se, but these are definitely way outside of my usual trouser universe. The question is: should I wear them?


I’m not sure what madness gripped my brain when I saw Burda’s “jogging pants in floral sequin fabric” and thought, “Good Idea!” — because, no. No. Nooooo.

Burda 05/2015 #111 Long Blouse #114 Joggers

And then I saw this pretty satin fabric and thought “Jogging Pants!”, naturally, because jogging is the first thing that comes to mind when fondling shiny satin fabric.



Obviously no jogging is going to get done in these pants. But as a rule no jogging is ever going to get done in any of my pants unless someone else is wearing them. (That sounds like a weird euphemism, doesn’t it? “No jogging in my pants!” Say it with different intonations and it gets pretty funny.) Anyway, I don’t run — pants or no pants — unless someone is chasing me with a weapon or Lenny Kravitz was just spotted down the street. In the latter case it’s possible I’d be running with no pants on at all. K, this is getting weird…I’m gonna stop with all the pant and running imagery now.


The whole time I was sewing these I was thinking, this can only end in tears. Or laughter, actually. And here they are done and there are no tears, just a bit of laughter, and a feeling I can’t shake that I might actually wear them. Like, out in public. Or even around people I know.

The laughter came after I put them on last night before going out to dinner and asked my husband if he’d be embarrassed to be seen with me if I wore them. Without hesitating he gave me an emphatic yes, which was the answer we were both expecting. Since we were just going a few blocks in our own neighbourhood, I thought it safe to give these pants a test-walk. Turns out I liked wearing them! They’re comfy and kind of sophisticated — but I could be willfully deluding myself on the sophisticated bit.ย  And not one person pointed and laughed! Well, except my snarky husband. This is a good sign, no?


There is a bit of unfortunate pattern placement as I didn’t realize when I laid out the pieces for cutting that parts of the fabric are more heavy on the dark colours. It just randomly turned out that the two back pieces wound up much lighter coloured than the two front pieces, as you can see in the next two photos. I wonder if this makes me look like a court jester. I mean, beyond the fact that I’m wearing satin Hammer Pants.

BurdaSatinJoggers3 BurdaSatinJoggers6

So, what do you think? Wearable? Or shall I just chalk these up to some more sewing experience under my belt? Or below the belt, as the case may be; these are the first pants I’ve sewn.



32 thoughts on “Look Who’s Wearing Hammer Pants

  1. I can see why you love the pants and why you are torn about wearing then. They are beautiful. And elegant. And, they look fantastic on you. However, they are so much different from what most people wear out on a daily basis (which seems to be jeans or yoga pants in my neck of the woods!) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your pants remind me of something a Hollywood starlet might be seen wearing on the pages of a magazine. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I think they might work a bit better without the elastic at the ankles. I’ve never quite understood the whole “let’s make casual clothing in dressy fabric and that will totally make it dressy!” thing, just doesn’t make sense to me. So I have a hard time with satin sweatpants, but without the elastic, they become satin pants, which can be a pretty look. This is just me and my weird clothing rules, though.


    1. I know what you mean. I’m noticing the elastic cuffs all over the place now…even men’s pants. I thought that trend from the 80s would never turn up again, but never say never, I guess!

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  3. They look great on you! I’ve seen this type of pants around and I still feel ambivalent about them. In theory, I hate them. In practice, I’ve seen them actually looking elegant, as on you. My guess is that in a couple years, everyone will have gotten used to this silhouette and will be wearing them. Hey, that must mean that you’re avant-garde!


    1. Thanks! In theory I hate them, too…when I first spotted elastic cuffed pants within the last year or so I was all like, you’re KIDDING, right? You & I are a product of the same era, I suspect, if we’re both reacting to their reappearance this way. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I would be totally self-conscious to leave the house in those pants. And yet, if you were walking down the street I either wouldn’t look twice, or would think you looked fashionable. When I see the elastic I think they look silly, when your top is over the elastic they do actually look sophisticated. And if you were a famous actress everyone would assume those pants cost you $600.


    1. Yes, elasticized waistbands are always risky in the ‘will I look like I’m wearing a hand-me-down from the Sears catalogue circa 1980’ category. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. They look great on you! Go shopping at Anthropologie and you will see that these pants are definitely ‘on-trend’. You are on the cutting edge of fashion! I’m sure they’d be acceptable at any summer-time evening event.


    1. Especially if I host my own summertime evening event — guest aren’t allowed to ridicule the host, right??


  6. They’re great and very much cutting edge but I wonder if you might feel less iffy about them if you wear a sandal instead of a heel. That might make them look a little less dressy despite the shiny satin. Just a thought.


  7. I think they’re cool. Wear ’em. And make a second pair for that husband. Maybe in French terrycloth instead of satin. He’ll love them.


  8. I think they’re great. They look cool and sophisticated, and I’m in my sixties, so I’ve seen trends come and go. I say just enjoy the moment. Husbands never know what is fashionable and usually only react if you’re showing a bit of skin.


    1. Thanks, Trish. To be fair to my husband, he was actually very supportive — we just both like to be snarky so it’s par for the course to ridicule each other, especially if we’re brave enough to ask the other’s opinion.


  9. These pants are very trendy! I am interested in making them, but I can’t tell from the pattern layout if the waistband is covered or not. Did you modify yours to make it covered?


    1. Good question! I didn’t really understand the instructions for the waistband, so I just folded over the top of the pants to make a casing for the elastic. I don’t think the pattern was designed for this, as I ended up making the access to the pockets a little smaller than they really should be. I think if you want to make a casing for the elastic, maybe give yourself an extra inch or two around the top of the waist when cutting it out. Good luck with yours.


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