An Ilford Jacket for My Long-Suffering Husband

We have entered the “Why Are You Doing It That Way?” phase of self-isolation. You know, when you and your spouse or partner or housemate are saying things to each other like, “Are you sure the heat needs to be up that high to cook that?” or, “Why are you putting that plate on the bottom rack of the dishwasher?” or, “Shouldn’t you be using a spoon instead of a fork to eat that?” or, “Are you sure that’s not a supporting beam you’re about to remove?”

Frivolous at Last - Friday Pattern Co. Ilford Jacket
My self-isolation bud

Apologies to whomever came up with the “Why Are You Doing It That Way?” phase of isolation concept. It’s not my original idea. (No one has those anymore, anyway. As soon as you think of an Original Idea you find that someone already posted it on Twitter at least six weeks ago.) I can’t remember if I read it or heard it somewhere or if it was a friend of my husband’s that joked about it. But since I also can’t remember what day of the week it is, I’m not going to worry about it too much.

But lucky me, look who I get to self-isolate with! And look how handsome he looks in his new Friday Pattern Co. Ilford Jacket! This pattern happened to be one of the February patterns for the #SewMyStyle2020 sew-along, and I’m so pleased to have finished it on time. Because it’s still February, right?

Frivolous at Last - Friday Pattern Co. Ilford Jacket

I made it with a really great, soft poly blend of some kind that I picked up at Value Village for a song. I managed to go find and buy appropriate buttons in person a day or two before The Shit Hit The Fan. (We need a name for that moment — you know, that week, which would have been a different week depending on where you live, when the schools all closed and suddenly everyone was buying enough toilet paper to wipe a herd of elephants and there was speculation that we wouldn’t be able to stock up on booze and if we were smart we would have all bought stocks in Zoom? What shall we call that moment? Suggestions welcome.)

Frivolous at Last - Friday Pattern Co. Ilford Jacket

I have enough fabric left over to make another Ilford Jacket for myself. Which I would love to do but have been strictly forbidden to do so by my isolation bud. After more than 25 years of hanging around each other we already accidentally dress the same on far too many occasions. Case in point:

A screen capture from facebook showing Lori and Dave wearing off-white cardigans overtop of light blue shirts. The caption reads "That moment when you realize you and your partner of 25 years have left the house wearing the same thing. Again. #quitcopyingmeDave"

I really enjoyed making this, and I think it looks great on Dave. As many reviewers of the pattern have mentioned, the pattern is drafted *very* wide, so I ended up shaving off quite a bit of width from the side seams and sleeve seams. Other than that, the details of making the pattern are fuzzy, as is my brain these days, so I can’t offer you too much in the way of tips.

Frivolous at Last - Friday Pattern Co. Ilford Jacket

Notice Dave’s Covid Haircut. One of the few who can say it’s the same as his pre-Covid Haircut. Lucky bastard.

Frivolous at Last - Friday Pattern Co. Ilford Jacket - back view

As we speak, he is busying himself with a little “home renovation”, which for some reason requires him to cut half a dozen little holes in the ceiling of my office/sewing room while I’m trying to write this.

Which has been great fodder for more rounds of the “Why Are You Doing It That Way?” phase of self-isolation. Especially the “Are You Sure That’s Not a Supporting Beam You’re About to Remove?” edition.

Frivolous at Last - Friday Pattern Co. Ilford Jacket

Thanks for stopping by!

— Lori


12 thoughts on “An Ilford Jacket for My Long-Suffering Husband

  1. Hi Lori! The jacket looks great and so does your husband in it. You should totally make one for yourself and then you can add ‘why are you wearing it this way’ to the list of why’s. As long as we can laugh about it and continue making beautiful garments, we will be OK.
    I don’t comment very often but it’s always a treat to read your posts and listen to the Clothes Making Mavens podcast.
    Take care and stay safe and healthy!


  2. Handsome jacket and isolation bud! You go you!
    Yesterday my long suffering hero spent 4 1/2 hours lying on stinky sharp rocks in the crawl space, fixing our furnace. When he finally extricated himself he discovered he’d been rolling around on the remains of dead mice. (Same color as the stones.) I did say “my hero” amirite?
    I admire your sewjo since I can’t even finish a face mask…


    1. You were being a kind-hearted isolation mate when you made your sweet-faced fella such a nice jacket! I couldn’t agree more that he sets it off handsomely and his pre/post COVID hair doo …or lack thereof? My hub sported that doo years ago but now he leaves that fuzzy bit around the lower part of his head when he gets out the clipper. I’m not sure what that fuzzy bit is meant to represent (yes another occasion for, “Why are you…?) That was many moons ago since he’s now pushing 70. Still handsome though I’ll give him that. I made my husb 2 garments neither were a wearable success. Dave looks to me like he plans to wear your gift a LOT 🙂 Hope you’re both managing this whole isolation kick well 🙂 It has made me ponder just how busy and wealthy divorce lawyers will do after the COVID CRASH (just for alliteration sake) If I could invest in them right now I would highly recommend. Just sayin”.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! that’s a great pattern (and it looks real good on your hubby).
    I’m saving the link, because I’ve been looking for a simple utility jacket pattern – Thanks!


  4. The jacket is fabulous!!!! awesome pattern too… i love this post. hahah especially the opener on the quarantine stage..hahaha… Happy to see the creativity flow going! 🙂


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