DP Studio Shorts: business in the back, party in the front

There’s no doubt about it: these are kinda weird. My dear husband politely says they’re “not very flattering”. And yet…and yet, I kinda love ’em!

Frivolous at Last - DP Studio 3002 shorts & Chai Tee

I have long been an admirer of French pattern company DP Studio, perhaps precisely because their designs are kinda weird and maybe not always that flattering. But the creativity! The cool details! Check out this dress, which I have often dreamed of ordering and sewing! But fear of going too far out of my style comfort zone has stopped me. (Coward!)

These shorts are part of new line of patterns from DP Studio simply called “DP’s”. The line consists of beginner-friendly patterns that are straightforward to make. This is the Belted Short with Pleats, le 3002.

Frivolous at Last - DP Studio 3002 shorts

There are no closures except the waist ties; the fronts of the shorts are extra wide so you can get into them, and then you simply tie them up. The waist ties are sewn into a seam about 4 inches in from the side seams, so a pleat forms at those seams and the rest of the fabric you can just arrange into something resembling gathers.

Frivolous at Last - DP Studio 3002 shorts & Chai Tee

The back is more normal. This is really the only place where fit is key. I think I probably should have sized up, at least on the back pieces, as the side seam pockets strain open a bit when the shorts are tied on. The seam allowances are only 1cm (1/2″) so unfortunately there isn’t much room for fitting adjustments.

Frivolous at Last - DP Studio 3002 shorts

I used a gorgeous Essex Linen-Cotton blend in ‘eggplant’ — a bit of a misnomer as these are definitely not dark purple.

Frivolous at Last - DP Studio 3002 shorts & Chai Tee

I do like the nod to the paper bag waist trend, but on the other hand, all that volume at the front is not for the faint-of-heart (or for the worried-about-a-protruding-belly). I’m not the former, but I am the latter. I can’t decide if this makes the belly look bigger or if it just swallows it up in all that fabric. (Also: I’m sucking it in in these pics. As one does. Of course.)

Frivolous at Last - DP Studio 3002 shorts

I think what I like about them is I feel like I’m wearing a sassy mini-skirt but with the care-freedom of shorts. I may not look like a million bucks in them, but I feel like at least five hundred and eighty six thousand bucks.

Frivolous at Last - DP Studio shorts & Chai Tee

I’m wearing this with my Chai Tee in a light grey marl, which I see just looks like an old white shirt that’s been through the wash way too many times in these pics. lol.

Frivolous at Last - DP Studio 3002 shorts & Chai Tee

While I was at it, I ordered a couple of other patterns from DP Studio that I’m excited to try. Winter’s coming…I should get on that coat NOW.

Frivolous at last - DP studio sewing patterns

Thanks so much for stopping by!

— Lori



20 thoughts on “DP Studio Shorts: business in the back, party in the front

  1. I love your shorts! I would be too nervous re all that fabric in the front that would undeniably make me look like a barrel with a bow around it because that’s exactly what I’d be ๐Ÿ™‚ You are so slim it actually makes you look slimmer. It’s like when a slim woman puts on a Muumuu – you know she’s slim under there because of the rest of her that you can see…if that makes any sense. In any case I think they are very stylish! I love the styles with DP Studios as well but they do scare me. I bought one of their patterns last year (the Asymmetrical Knit Top which is no longer available) and for the LIFE of me I couldn’t put that pattern together. I wrote to them and they sent me a PDF “explanation sheet” that got me no further along than I was. Now it might have been me but I did show it around a bit to other sewists who also scratched their heads too to no avail. I gave up and gave the pattern to another sewist in our group at Gala and I never saw her again so I don’t know what the upshot of that was. I’m hoping that her never appearing again was a coincidence ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Lol, Kathleen! Sorry to hear about your DP experience. There’s definitely a bit of ‘lost in translation’ going on, so that combined with complicated/unusual designs is for sure a recipe for potential disaster.

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  2. Just what I needed – a new line of cool patterns! The shorts look cool and comfy. I think the slim fit in back saves the pattern. Your tummy looks invisible. Iโ€™m wondering how theyโ€™d look lengthened to culottes?

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  3. Thanks for the tip about the pattern company – looks super cool and edgy! (and the asymmetry may be a good thing for beginners like me, haha!) I’m quite slim but I already know the paperbag waist does not work on me unfortunately since all my fat is in my stomach ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I do like it on others though.

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  4. They look sort of interesting on you because you are probably the right shape to wear them, but, on balance, I’m with your husband. I don’t think the style would flatter anyone. They look over-designed to me. Simple is always more flattering in my book. for me, they’re not really a very good recommendation for the pattern company.

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  5. Ahhhhh these shorts are so cute!! (And yeah, I wouldn’t call that eggplant–more like lilac!) The way the paper bag effect is created is interesting, I wouldn’t have expected that. Speaking as someone who owns 2 pairs of pants/shorts with ample front acreage, for me the key to feeling confident in them is fit, plus the right top and styling. I like a good sleek back half with my pairs, and you have the same thing going on–that’s the best possible start, IMO! As to styling, I’ll either wear something cropped to show the waistband, or something quite snug that I can tuck in. I tend to gravitate toward the same tops every time I wear those bottoms because I know I feel good in them.

    I am eager to try the DP’s Patterns line, and have the Le 003 dress also. And that coat is one I am very keen to make as well–can’t wait to see your takes on those two patterns!

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  6. Your fabric is the colour of those pale eggplants (the ones you never buy!) and it’s beautiful. I’d say it’s one of your colours. I love the design of the shorts, they look adorable on you.

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  7. Ahh I love them!! I no longer allow fear of extra volume; at worst (‘worst’) someone thinks your body has a little more body, or, it just looks like fabric and any actual body filling it out has plausible deniability! ANYWAY I love these they are beautiful I am obsessed and I want them, that is all.


  8. I think these shorts look great, and you’ve styled them really nicely too! They are interesting and I love interesting clothes, even if it’s not “flattering” in a traditional sense. I find that sometimes it’s hard to justify making something so unusual more than once, but in a thinner and more drapey fabric, they would be a completely different garment so you could still use the pattern again.


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