Can I Take Your Order?

My last blog post went over like a lead balloon! Now I know that black track pants don’t merit too much excitement, and maybe you weren’t in the mood for talking about sewing for your period and menopause, but surely you have stories about the most embarrassing thing you sewed and wore out in public, no? So I thought it was worth repeating part of what I posted last week, because Helena and I want to feature your story on the Clothes Making Mavens podcast!

We decided to revisit the “most embarrassing make” question — you know, the thing you sewed and wore out, maybe even proudly, but in hindsight it was pretty awful — as well as the make you’re most proud of. So why don’t you hit record on the free Voice Recorder app on your phone, answer these questions, and send them in to clothesmakingmavens [at] gmail [dot] com? Or you can call our voice mail and leave a message: +1-401-64MAVEN. And don’t worry, if you stumble over anything, I’ll edit it out — you’ll sound great!

1. What’s your name and where we can find you online (blog, instagram, etc.)? If you don’t have an online presence, that’s OK.
2. What’s the most embarrassing thing you sewed and wore out in public?
3. What is that special garment you sewed that you’re most proud of?
4. What’s on your cutting/sewing table right now, or a project you’re planning that you’re excited about?

By the way, here is my most embarrassing make, that I actually wore to WORK:


Aside from all the wavy, wrinkly hems (that fabric was a bitch to sew), I actually thought this was a cute, sporty-looking dress, so I *thought* I was rocking it like this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 6.05.31 PM

…when really I looked more like this:


Wah-wah-wah. I shouldn’t have given this to Goodwill — it might have made a good Hallowe’en costume!

And here’s another embarrassment, but I didn’t actually wear this one out in public. Let’s call this one my biggest fit disaster. I blogged about it under the title I Thought I Was Sewing a Dress but it Turns Out It’s a Bathrobe with Storage Compartments for Groceries.

Vogue 8825 dress
Vogue 8825: It’s a dress with plenty of storage room!

So now you gotta tell me: what’s your most embarrassing make you wore out of the house? And answer those other questions up there, too! You can leave a comment below, or visit to see all the different ways to leave us a voice recording. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by!

— Lori


5 thoughts on “Can I Take Your Order?

  1. It’s so easy to do! I made what I thought was a cool striped blouse which ended up like a nurses auxiliary top. Oh well… dye it or dump it, it’s all a learning experience. I have to say that I think talking about clothes for difficult period/ menopause times is a winner. I don’t have that problem any more – too old – but women’s bodies vary so much throughout our lives, that having comfortable, wearable clothing has to be a plus.

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  2. The kitty’s expression is priceless. He/she looks like, “I know, right?”

    I can give myself nightmares thinking about the things I wore proudly. Fortunately, I’m not much of a photo taker/takee, so the evidence is scant.

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  3. The thing I made that haunts me the most is not something I made for myself, but 12 years ago for my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time. I was studying fashion design in undergrad and had a menswear assignment, so naturally, I decided to make something that he could wear afterwards. Design-wise, it is way over the top, as many undergrad fashion students are wont to do, and stitched with all the fine-tuning and finesse of a straight-jacket. I have since learned SO MUCH BETTER, that looking at this jacket (that my husband wears frequently and PROUDLY, TO WORK) gives me body-wracking cringes. The crazy thing is, he gets complimented on it all the time, even just walking down the street… So I suppose some of it is just me? And ignorance really is bliss? And the real answer is that I should probably make him a replacement, 12 years later…

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    1. It must be alright if he still wears it and gets compliments! Your standards may have changed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the jacket isn’t a much loved, wearable item. 🙂


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