Frivolous at Last - McCall's 7538

McCall’s 7538 Colour-Blocked Top, and What is So Exciting Above My Head?

Hi friends! This is just a quick post to show you my McCall’s 7538 top that has gone into pretty heavy rotation in my wardrobe. It’s very ‘me’ — angled seams, colour blocking, and a fitted shape.

Frivolous at Last - McCalls 7538

I used three different colours of the same “autumn weight jersey” I bought at Fabricland. I previously used the purple knit on this GreenStyle Creations swing dress. I think the colour scheme looks deliberate — thank god! Sometimes a colour-blocked scrap-busting project really does come out looking like you grabbed whatever fabric scraps were big enough to fit the bill. And by “you” I actually mean “me”, and it usually comes out looking like you had no idea what you were doing. And by “you” I mean “me”. 😀

Something has caught my attention up there.

Frivolous at Last - McCalls 7538

The pattern has a lot of options, and I particularly like the cross-over waist effect on the dresses.

M7538 options - line drawings
M7538 options

Frivolous at Last - McCalls 7538

I made the earrings, too, using a scrap of pebbled gray leather I bought for 50 cents and some sterling silver earring hooks I had on hand. Once upon a time I used to enjoy making beaded necklaces and earrings, like this sort of thing, so I’ve got lots of leftover jewelry making supplies kicking around.

Frivolous at Last - McCalls 7538

A construction note if you’re thinking of sewing this pattern: the instructions say to attach the very bottom piece (the black one in my case) *before* attaching that triangle-shaped wedge at the side (taupe in my case). This makes no sense, particularly if you are using a serger; you’d be left having to try to pivot around that triangle point on the taupe piece when sewing it in. No fun with a serger at all. Not to mention a pain in the ass to pin together. So I attached the taupe triangle first, *then* attached the black bottom piece. Even if you’re not using a serger, the path of least resistance is to attach the pieces in order from the top down.

Seriously, what is flying around up there that I keep looking at?? LOL

Frivolous at Last - McCalls 7538

Thanks so much for stopping by!

— Lori


25 thoughts on “McCall’s 7538 Colour-Blocked Top, and What is So Exciting Above My Head?

    1. Oh yes, that Tootsie pattern is cute! I’ve recently been trolling through Style Arc patterns obsessively, and am thinking of making ponte pants using one of their pant patterns. I have also made two Lotti knit tops from Style Arc but haven’t posted them yet. That’s a good pattern for colour blocking, too.

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      1. All my favourite frequently worn trousers [I can’t say pants, I just can’t] are Style Arc. Linda for bog standard pull ons, Flat Bottom Flo and Misty for stretch woven jeans. All fab. I have about 4 more waiting to try

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  1. This is definitely one of those patterns that I would just skip over but seeing it made up on you I wonder why!? It’s gorgeous but then I do especially love the fabric/colourways you’ve picked and your make is so darn neat! You really have to get that neckline spot on because it sort sets the rest of the pieces going down. Beautiful!

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    1. Great color selection and thanks for the tip on the triangular piece. What were they thinking? Duh! I have had this pattern for a while. After seeing yours I think I will make it my next project.

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    2. Thanks, Inna. You can see from how the line drawings are shaded in that the waist area is “supposed” to be a lighter colour, but I had the same thought you did — black would be good to keep the waist looking trim.


  2. Love it! Those colors play really well.

    I didn’t even realize the instructions were that way because I didn’t use them lol!!! I sewed top down too.

    I think I may need another one.

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  3. Such a great-looking top. Love your colour combination. Suits you so well. Superb. I have the pattern. You’ve inspired me. The earrings are great too. I bet they’re super light.

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  4. I bought this pattern too because I love the color block and the crisscross on the dress. I agree on the pattern instructions and thought it was not very smart to start with an angle, so I ignored the pattern instructions and just put it together as I would if it were a quilt, much easier. I love your fabric choice, the colors are perfect and look great with your earrings!

    I tested it using remnants of tshirts I used for another project but made the back solid and love the fit. I’m going to make the flared dress next – it will be my next secret pajama pattern!

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  5. Love the colours you’ve used here! It looks great on you. Lols – from the very first picture I started working out the order of sewing the pieces together 😆 pattern instructions can be so misleading!!

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  6. Your sweater looks gorgeous!. I am tracing it out and wondering which piece you used for the upper back. I would love to have a contrasting but round back. This is my first colour block so I am unsure how to modify it to look like that
    Thanks for any help you can give me


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