Berlin Fabric Haul = Wanted Tee and Blackwood Cardigan (and some Squamingos), so far

I bought a ton of fabric when I took a trip to Berlin a couple of months ago. I purposely only packed my suitcase about half full *just in case* I *might* buy some fabric. Hahahahaha. I visited Stoff & Stil where I purchased that Squamingo fabric I turned into a too-small tee, as well as the awesome tiger jacquard pictured below that I hope to turn into a duffle bag eventually.


Stoff & Stil has a waiting area! So I installed my husband there while I carefully scoured every corner of the store — twice. Do you do that in fabric stores? Once around to get a feel for what you might want to buy, then again to grab what you want? Sometimes I do a third round, just to make sure I didn’t overlook anything. But at some point I came up for air out of my fabric-induced trance to check in on Dave, and it looked like he was getting Wangry (waiting-angry) so I had to hurry it up. lol

Wangry Dave in the Stoff & Stil waiting area
Wangry Dave in the Stoff & Stil waiting area

I bought the rest of the fabric pictured in the haul photo above at Berlin’s Turkish Market. Most of it was between 2 and 6 Euros per meter! I scoured that market twice over — even while it rained — trying to decide what to buy and how much I could cram into my suitcase. Dave is very patient, but I must admit he got a bit wangry there, too.

Turkish market Berlin - fabric
Happy camper at the Turkish Market with Turkish take-away in one hand and fabric in the other!

More pics from the Turkish Market:

Fabric for 2 euros per meter in the Turkish Market, Berlin

Knit Fabric Remnants in the Turkish Market, BerlinTurkish Market, BerlinA food vendor in the Turkish Market, Berlin

Potato stand in Turkish Market, Berlin
In Germany I learned just how many different types of potatoes there are! Who knew??


Oh, and I had a funny moment in the market. I had been on the hunt for some rose-flavoured Turkish Delight for a while when I saw a guy walking by eating some. I hurried to catch up to him and tried my best to ask him in my high-school German where he got it. My high-school German clearly failed me because he just looked at me totally taken aback and quite frankly, a little scared. Admittedly I was pretty excited to see the Turkish Delight so what I said to him probably sounded a little more like “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT????? TELL ME NOW!!!!!!”  Poor guy. After a bit of broken German, English, and hand gesturing, he calmed down and was no longer afraid he was about to be violently rolled for his Turkish Delight by a crazy tourist lady.

Here’s one of the things I’ve made using my Berlin fabric haul:

Wanted shirt Vanessa Pouzet - Frivolous At Last

The pattern is Wanted by Vanessa Pouzet, a fitted, square-neck tee with different sleeve-length options. It’s only available in French. But check out the sexy and stylish patterns on her site, some of which are available in English. I think it’s possible I only made this shirt because I maybe might have fallen kinda in love with the woman modelling the pattern. What can I say? More Vanessa Pouzet patterns are in my queue just to continue the love affair.

Wanted shirt Vanessa Pouzet - Frivolous At Last

As usual, I had trouble with the neckband being too long. So I unpicked it and shortened it at centre back by about 1.5 inches and it’s better, but I can see I from these pics that I could’ve cinched it in even more. If I make this again, I will also shorten the front horizontal part of the neckband as well, as the top of my bra cups occasionally peek out at those square corners.

I bought that cute necklace made of leather triangles at Lina Colours on Etsy.


And here’s more from the Berlin fabric haul: a mustard-coloured Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet. This happens to be the second Blackwood Cardigan I’ve made, but I haven’t shared my first one with you yet. I took the pics in early spring and I was rugged up with a scarf and boots and I kinda don’t want to deal with that in the middle of my too-short summer. I’ll trot that out when the weather starts to get cooler in this neck of the woods.


Have you tried any Vanessa Pouzet patterns or the Blackwood Cardigan? Or been to the Turkish Market in Berlin? (WHERE DID YOU GET THAT TURKISH DELIGHT???) What did you think? Leave a comment!

Thanks for stopping by.

— Lori




3 thoughts on “Berlin Fabric Haul = Wanted Tee and Blackwood Cardigan (and some Squamingos), so far

  1. I love the turkish market in Berlin – and try to go whenever I visit my son there. I must admit my husband gets a bit ‘wangry’ too but Ive taken to installing him in the cafe on the corner with streudel – coffee and wifi. I’m good for at least three quarters of an hour then. 😉 I haven’t been to Stil and Stoffe – only one fabric shopping allowed per visit, which is sad, but then I have too much anyway! Glad you enjoyed Berlin so much. It’s a great place.


  2. Nice T-shirt! I am gonna copy that neckline, hehe… Nice to know that we can find some fabric in Berlin too… and regarding patient husbys, don’t complain, girl… you have a perfect match with that guy taking pics of you in every outfit! Mine is super patient when fabric hunting, but he is a no-no with photography…we should count our blessings, hehe…


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