Help Me Get Flamingos Into My Life

Help! What do I do with this flamingo fabric? I’m in love with it but I’m afraid I’m going to sew something that will make me look seven years old.


It’s one meter of mid-weight cotton jersey. I’ve photographed it with some leftover modal jersey I used for my Plantain Tee that seems to be a good match…because maybe all-over flamingo would be too much? Maybe colour-blocking is the way to go? The background is a pinkish cream colour (hard to photograph correctly), so finding a solid coordinating colour has been difficult.

Is there a pattern for a top that you think I could pull off with this fabric? The fact that it’s cotton jersey increases the odds that I’ll look like I’m wearing kids’ clothing. I’ve seen some great flamingo-print tops like this one by Lauren of Lladybird, or this one featured on Sweet Shard’s blog, but they’re made of floatier, more sophisticated fabrics.

Should I throw caution to the wind and go for a basic tee, and hope it looks something like this Kate Spade silk-viscose tee below? I suppose it could always be worn as a pyjama top if my unrealistic, high-end-on-a-dollar-budget expectations aren’t met. 🙂

Any suggestions you have would be most appreciated!

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 7.57.51 PM

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24 thoughts on “Help Me Get Flamingos Into My Life

    1. You know, I had been thinking raglan, too. Unfortunately I don’t think I have enough solid fabric for the sleeves…but maybe there’s still some left at the store. So many options now! Thanks for the suggestion.


  1. Today so many kids clothes look like adult clothes…
    I think doing it like your inspiration-shirt won’t really work, because it becomes more elegant as a woven.
    But if you colour block it, it becomes less Pyjama, like the first one in this pin:
    Or you could make it kind of sexy, with a colourblocked neckline:

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    1. Thanks, Dalia! Both suggestions are really cute, but I absolutely ADORE the Vanessa Pouzet top. (Perhaps I’m blinded by how gorgeous it is on that model, though.) If I don’t make it with this flamingo fabric, I will definitely try it with something else.


  2. I don’t think it’ll make you look like a kid. The T is great and I was also going to suggest the baseball tee. Or you know what? You could look for a slightly dressier knit top pattern. Could be as simple as a neckline switch, maybe a scoop or boatneck? I’m trying to think of a pattern but it isn’t working because I haven’t had my coffee yet…. (And I just realized the T you showed likely has a boatneck and a curved seam. See? Lack of coffee…)

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  3. I’m glad you asked because I have the same fabric and am just as stumped! I am leaning away from color blocking, though. I think that would put it more into the kid’s clothes territory.

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  4. If you haven’t checked out Rhonda’s Creative Life today, there’s a very nice T-shirt at the bottom of the post and the pattern is FREE. I also like Denise’s bra idea. Bra and shorts. Too cute.

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  5. Raglan sleeve top. Body in plain (gorgeous colour!) and sleeves, hem and neck binding in flamingo.

    I made a long sleeve raglan top like this – navy body and sleepy cloud sleeves. I love it. I made my own pattern by pretty much just drawing round a raglan sleeve shop bought top and reading about a hundred tutorials online.

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