Long Cardi


I really, really am not ready to start thinking about Fall. I’m still sewing summer clothes, abandoning all good taste to sip sickly-sweet fruity cocktails, barbecuing in the back yard, and playing volleyball at the beach on weekends. In fact, Fall can kindly kiss my ass while I continue to enjoy a hot, sunny summer, thank you very much!

But, let’s face the inevitable. The days are getting shorter, and in about four or five weeks the weather here in Toronto will be noticeably cooler. So the Sew Ready for Fall blog tour is timely. (It’s like an intervention that insists you pull your head out of the beach sand and get ahead of yourself for next season.) And exciting prize giveaways know no season! So scroll down for more info on the blog tour and how to enter to win a sewing machine and many other cool prizes!


This is my contribution to the Sew Ready for Fall blog tour. It’s the Long Knit Cardigan from BurdaStyle (01/2011 #126B). It’s just the drapey, flowing piece I had in mind: a very simple but versatile garment for layering.

Here I’m wearing it with my new Itch-to-Stitch skort, hot off the sewing machine, which I’m pretty much living in since I finished it. (I’ll tell you more about that pattern in another post.)


Here’s a more Fall-like ensemble. I love this outfit, but I am more than happy to wait quite a long time before it actually becomes weather-appropriate.


I used a very lightweight polyester-rayon blend hacci sweater knit, which Stylish Fabrics provided to me for free to participate in the Sew Ready for Fall blog tour. They describe it as “soft and durable as well as very light weight. Great for sweaters, hoodies, long sleeves, beanies, and cardigans.” Apparently hacci knits have a more open, loopy texture than regular knits. And it is indeed quite open as you’ll see from some of the pictures below. You can clearly tell the right side from the wrong side, as the tiny purl bumps and knit v’s are visible (if you knit, you’ll recognize this right away).


I omitted the sleeves from the pattern and therefore cut the shoulders to be much narrower before finishing the armholes with a simple twin needle stitch. It’s a very easy sew — that is, if you’re not a dolt like me who sews the two shoulder seams of the back piece directly to each other, and then carries on with the next steps as if that’s a perfectly normal thing to do. (Ah, Burda instructions, you and I have a complicated relationship, don’t we? If only you’d just say what you mean instead of beating around the bush coyly, playing games with my head, we wouldn’t be on this inevitable path to divorce court, now would we?) Anyway, dear reader, if you’d been a fly on the wall you would have enjoyed watching me try to figure out how this deformed piece was going to connect to the front pieces. I admit I spent a shockingly long time on that doomed endeavour. So on second thought, maybe I could do with a little refreshingly cool Fall weather to get the brain in working condition again.


Overall I’d say I spent more actual time ripping out seams than sewing them. (Ha, nothing new for me there, really.) And this fabric does not like to play very nicely with seam rippers–it was very difficult to pick out the sewing thread without accidentally grabbing a thread from the fabric. In the end, though, I managed to finish with only one small hole I had to darn with some navy thread.


Ok, prizes! I promised you prizes! There’s an amazing selection of prizes to be won, including a Brother sewing machine, gift cards, pattern packs, and more. To enter, you can add a comment to any one of the blog posts on the tour including this one you’re reading right now, and you can register a few entries here.


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17 thoughts on “Long Cardi

  1. Your commentary on this blog post was so funny, I found myself laughing out loud multiple times. I love the ideas for how to style a long cardigan like this. Great work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How neat! The sleeveless + hacci knit combo makes it look so light and effortless. =) Sheer-ish cardigans are on my must-have list for layering for F/W (though I can’t seem to get around to making one)! And I am definitely going to have to try to copy the jeans you are wearing in some of the photos, because they are beyond cool!


    1. Hi Mads! Thanks for your comment. I bought the jeans at Zara (was maybe about 6 months ago?) and they are definitely a favourite of mine.


  3. Why, hello! I just sort of drifted here from Sham’s site, and I really like your site, too!
    This long vest is great! It looks like a terrific transition piece for summer to fall, and navy is a great neutral. Not so jarring as black. I have never heard of this type of knit. Nice job. And a very entertaining and enjoyable entry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why, hello to you, too! Thanks for drifting by. 🙂 I agree about navy being a great neutral – it goes with absolutely everything, and I seem to be using it in a lot of my makes these days.


  4. This looks like a really versatile layering piece. I too am a fan of the seam ripper, I’ve two and am contemplating the need for a third ; )


    1. Thanks, Sue. That’s at least three things we have in common then: we both sew, we both live in T.O., and we both play volleyball. Cool!


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