Announcing the Clothes Making Mavens Podcast!

Hey friends! This is a really big deal for me, and for Helena, the amazingly talented sewist and blogger at….we have just launched the very first episode of our new podcast!

clothes Making Mavens - a sewing podcast about handmade fashion - episode 1 available now -

Please go check out our new website at and have a listen! Don’t forget while you’re there to let us know what you think, and what you’d like to hear about on future Clothes Making Mavens episodes. We would love your feedback. And please feel free to share the news with other sewing enthusiasts in your network.

Thanks so much for checking it out!

As for me, I’ll be lying awake all night from sheer excitement that this is really a thing. A thing that is happening. Actually happening. Wheeeeeeeee!



3 thoughts on “Announcing the Clothes Making Mavens Podcast!

  1. Hi Lori, I did listen to your podcast and I tried to leave a message ( but I don’t think it went through) it was terrfic!
    If I could make one small suggestion….I little more fade in and out music would help to break up the sections of conversation a bit and give the listener time to digest.
    I’m so happy you two found each other to take on this adventure…I’m looking forward to the next one! Fun fun fun
    Joyce in Sudbury

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