Saturated Fat & Saturated Colour

I have way too many shared aesthetic tastes with my 13-year-old niece, and as a 40-something-year-old woman I probably should be worried about that. But I’m not worried about our most recent shared interest: we’re both delighted with the colouring books we got for Christmas!

Color Me Calm floral mandala

In addition to subsisting on nothing but saturated fats for the last few days, I have been spending all of my down-time spreading saturated colour on the pages of my new colouring books. What joy!

From Colours of Anna Karenina

My husband and #UnsungSewingBlogHero gave me one called “Color Me CALM”.

Color Me Calm

“Are you telling me I need to calm down????” I screamed upon opening it.

“Um, no?” he replied meekly.

Just kidding. No screaming took place. Sewzilla knows a perfectly chosen gift when she sees one and accepted it with excitement and gratitude. Besides, it turns out it’s cheaper than medication. 😉

Color Me Calm mandala

Hope you were able to enjoy some rest, relaxation, and the joy of creativity over the holidays!

Snowflakes from Colours of Anna Karenina: A Colouring Book Love Story