The Booby Trapped Coat

Fresh off the high of getting a boat load of likes from my Facebook friends on my recent plaid coat, I seem to have gotten myself onto a coat roll.

This is from Burda Style Magazine’s “Easy” issue, Fall/Winter 2015. This is a pretty straightforward coat to sew, but it’s still a coat — with all the requisite wrestling with thick layers of coat fabric — so I don’t know that it really qualifies as Easy. Not for absolute beginners, to be sure. I made View 4C but without the attached scarf.


“Cool as Ice” collection from Burda Style Easy Autumn/Winter 2015

Burda Style Easy Autumn/Winter 2015 Style 4C & 4DE

I used this slightly furry polyester-wool blend I found at Fabricland. I’m not sure why I picked this rusty-red fabric as it’s definitely not a favourite, and it’s not a colour I have much of in my wardrobe. But I was on a mission for a “sort of furry” fabric à la brushed mohair or the like, and I had visited about 6 fabric stores to try to find what I had in mind to no avail. It was either this or a black, wool-blend bouclé, which would have been fantastic, except I have a bit of a self-imposed rule about not wearing black coats. If you’ve ever been to Toronto anytime between November and March it’s as if the entire population of the city is on its way to a funeral. Nothing but black outerwear, everywhere. Fuck that shit. Winters are dreary enough around here.


The pattern on the fabric reminds me a bit of computer circuits, but that could be just me trying to believe there maybe something even slightly hip about this coat.

Do you know how they say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome? I did my usual routine of cutting out a size 8 since that matches my actual measurements, and then having to hack it down substantially after trying it on for fit. I do this every. damn. time. LORI, CUT THE SIZE 6 FROM NOW ON YOU NITWIT. I even had to put a dart down the middle of the back to remove some of the extra width. Now I know one or two of you are probably thinking, um, sewing a muslin would actually solve that problem. And you’d be right! But you’d also be someone who doesn’t realize that that level of commitment just ain’t never gonna happen with me. I need immediate gratification! So I dive right in and enjoy the ride….even the half-baked refitting hacks I must resort to.

Alright, here’s why I’m calling this The Booby Trapped Coat. See anything lying in wait for me on the coat in this next picture?


Zoom in: there it is! The pin that I didn’t remove, waiting pointy-side-up and targeting my left buttock. On my way home from work later this same day, it made its presence known when I sat down on the subway and immediately jumped right the fuck back up again. I’d like to say this produced quite a reaction from the people around me but this is the Toronto subway. Anyone who took any notice at all was just all looking around at the walls, whistling to themselves, hoping if they kept their gaze averted, the crazy lady wouldn’t try to draw them into her drama. lol

BurdaEasyCoat_back_withpin_cu copy

I didn’t insert the front facings as per the pattern — I just left them out and instead underlined the whole thing with a black nylon woven which acts as a bit of a wind stop and is smooth & slippery enough to make a great lining. My friend bought the fabric when she was thinking of making a pair of what you might call outdoor utility pants (something like you might get from Mountain Equipment Co-op) but changed her mind and donated it to my stash. I never would have thought to buy this kind of fabric myself but it turned out to be just perfect for this job.


Overall I think I did a good job making this, but I don’t think it’s a terribly flattering cut on me. I did wear it on a shopping errand, and it seems to be a good weight for that: just warm enough to get you to the store/shopping centre, but not so warm that I will drop dead of heat exhaustion, so maybe I’ll get some use out of it leading up to the holidays.

I still have a bunch of grey coating in my stash and I’m dreaming up what I might do with it….so the hunt for the perfect coat continues.

As always, thanks to my #UnsungSewingBlogHero for taking photos (even though neither of us noticed until after that the camera was in the wrong mode so these turned out a bit wonky…we’re both still learning how to take great photos).

Thanks so much for stopping by!



19 thoughts on “The Booby Trapped Coat

  1. I once made a friend a housewarming pillow, and just as I was slip-stitching it closed, I dropped the needle right inside!! Briefly considered not telling her but would have felt awful if she’s scratched herself. Luckily it’s more of a couch decor item than something you rest your head on, and so far she hasn’t been poked.

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    1. That’s hilarious. Reminds me of when I had friends over for dinner and spent a huge amount of time making a really fussy dish. I had a bit of a mishap with the blender/chopper thing and a nicked chunk of plastic from the side of the container wound up in the food. I couldn’t find it and was running out of time to get dinner ready, so I just served it and told everyone to chew carefully!


  2. I went through the O’Hare airport a week or so back and thought the same thing: Every damn person is wearing black! I stood in the long line at security and it was a sea of black. Depressing as hell. Good for you in choosing that great colorful fabric for your coat. I would do the same. If I made coats. Which I haven’t, yet.

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    1. What we need is the equivalent of the Hawaiian shirt in coats. Imagine a grey winter day with everyone walking around in long puffer coats with wild, colourful prints of flowers and palm trees on them. That would be nice.


  3. That’s a great ” car coat”. Perfect length , and as you say not too hot for shopping. I too, agree that the sea of black has got to go! Entertaining post, as always..teehee, keep em coming! Good luck with your next project.

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  4. hahahaha.. hilarious at the pin… but awesome post..Love love the coat.. looks fabulous.. that is expert look right there.. working on my first vest.. lets see how that goes.. this looks great.. thanks for sharing a always

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  5. That is a fabulous coat! You look stylish and comfortable. I refuse to buy any black outerwear–how are the cars supposed to see me when I walk in the evening or early morning on these short winter days? And all the cat hair shows up on black!

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    1. That is a very good point, Lisa. It’s no coincidence that the number of pedestrians hit by cars goes way up during the short months of the year, and dark clothing definitely does not help. And the cat hair! With three cats of various colours, I have every shade of cat hair there is in great abundance in my house, so it doesn’t even matter what colour I wear — no avoiding it!


  6. I really like this coat…but as a good Torontonian, I probably would have made it in black! LOL! We were on holiday for two weeks from late September and when we returned, it was like a black tsunami had rolled over the city! This one is a good colour because it would look terrific over all-black!

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