Selja Knot Tee

Hi friends! This is just a really quick post to share with you a simple T-shirt I made using Named Clothing’s Selja Knot Tee Pattern. (And to update you on some online sew-offs you might want to cast a vote in — scroll down for that.)

Selja Knot Tee - Named Clothing

The Selja Knot Tee has a bit of an A-line shape which is taking me a little getting used to. I normally go for a more fitted waist on my tees.

Selja Knot Tee Line Drawing

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.48.22 PM
Oh, just STAWPIT, you cute young thing.

I love Named Clothing’s slightly bizarre pattern photos. And I heard through the blogovine that they’re going to release their new Fall/Winter collection soon, so I’m excited about that, despite the fact that my home office is starting to look like a sewing pattern hoarder’s paradise.

Selja Knot Tee - Named Clothing

I used a medium-weight beige knit I think I picked up at one of my usual haunts, Downtown Fabrics on Queen Street West in Toronto. Look at me, not falling for some loud, colourful, highly patterned fabric! I’m actually remembering that neutrals and solid colours are, well, WEARABLE. Normally I have a closet full of mismatched separates that can’t be put together to build an outfit, but I’m learning to outsmart myself on that front. I pick up a loud patterned fabric in a store and say “HA! I’m smarter than you THINK I am, self! I’m going to find a NEUTRAL fabric that will actually WORK in my wardrobe! HA!!” Then I look around, wondering if I said that out loud, and leave as quickly as possible after I’ve paid for my loud patterned fabric selections.

Selja Knot Tee - Named Clothing

What do you think — wear it knotted or not knotted?


In case you haven’t been following them, there are a couple of online sewing contests happening now that you might be interested in. Me, I’m a sucker for a good knock-down, drag-out sewing rumble:

  • Sew Mama Sew is hosting the Super Online Sewing Match, and those poor round 5 contestants have to sew a duffle coat! Jeez. I’m going to cast several votes for ALL those poor sewists just cuz they had to sew a damn duffle coat. I might even send them a Get Well Soon or a My Deepest Sympathies card.
  • Refashion Runway is on round 3 over at the Renegade Seamstress, where after refashioning something in gingham last week (and managing not to look too much like they got dressed using scraps from Auntie Em’s quilting basket), the contestants have fashioned handbags out of old garments this week. Interesting! Go vote!

Thanks for stopping by. 😀

20 thoughts on “Selja Knot Tee

  1. Fab looking top. It looks great knotted. The Named patterns look pretty interesting, I’ve got a Lauha Vent Skirt on my to do pile.


  2. I like it both ways, but I think i prefer it unknotted; I like the unusual, sort of sculptural shape of the hem that way. Knotted takes up some of the ease, though, so it may give you more of the fitted shape you’re looking for. I’m trying to get a little better at making separated I can actually wear, too; I bought some pants in neutral colors, so that enables me to keep the tops WAY EXTRA BRIGHT, the way I like ’em.

    Oh, and I love the necklace, BTW–very cool!


    1. Thanks for weighing in. I’ve only recently started to understand the joys of neutral pants, too, lol. (The necklace I got at H&M last year; it’s one of my faves, too.)

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  3. I think it looks good both way. Loose is dressier and knoted looks more informal. Id like to take this oportunity to tell you how much I’m enjoying yor blog ive been reading all your posts and i congratulate you on yor sewing and the way you write too. At times you have me laughing outloud! Keep up the great work.


  4. Named should pay you a finder’s fee, because I am off to buy this pattern thanks to your so-cool-it-hurts top. (Well, it was either that or come to Canada and steal your top from you, but it would probably take longer for me to find my well-hidden passport than to get off my lazy a** and make one myself so…) As to styling it, I think it looks amazing either way!


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